Published on April 30th, 2015 | by Michelle Roper-Shaw

You Can’t Beat A Cheese Sandwich

A recent survey has revealed that here in the UK one in three of us eat the same lunch every single day, with cheese sandwiches topping the bill of our lunchtime favourites.

The survey of 2000 office workers saw sandwiches dominating the list, with three fillings, cheese, ham and chicken topping the list of lunchtime snacks. Noodles, curry and sushi didn’t fare so well but maybe for the third of workers who don’t even leave their desks at lunchtime they are a little tricky to eat.  There was also no mention of any chocolate snacks and sweets in the survey, a surprise to all of us at the Post Office Shop.

Ever since the peckish 4th Earl of Sandwich asked his valet for some beef to be served to him between two slices of bread, so he could continue playing cards without having to leave the table, the sandwich has been the number one choice for food to eat on the go.

200 years later it appears busy workers still rely on the humble sandwich to get them through the day.  According to the British Sandwich Association, the total weight of shop-bought sandwiches we get through each year containing the most popular nine fillings equals 379,900 tonnes, or one and a half times the weight of the world’s largest cruise liner.  That astonishing amount doesn’t even include the further eight billion sandwiches we make at home, making the UK the largest consumer and maker of sandwiches in world.

With British Sandwich Week just around the corner, taking place 10 -16th May, maybe it’s time we take the healthy option at lunchtime in the office or broadened our culinary horizons and became a little more adventurous with our lunch time sarnie, wrap or bagel.  So even if you do eat at your desk, get your plates and cutlery ready as nobody likes crumbs stuck in their keyboard, and try something new:

  • Get the toaster out, if you still can’t resist a cheese sandwich, experiment with a mixture of different cheeses and sourdough bread for the ultimate cheese toastie.
  • Try a sweet healthy alternative with some delicious rye bread covered in sliced bananas and strawberries, spoon over some yogurt and drizzle with honey.
  • And for the ultimate lunchtime delight, try chocolatier Paul A Young’s decadent snack, toasted crusty white bread, melted chocolate, crispy honey cured bacon and stilton.

Now that’s what we call a cheese sandwich.

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