Published on April 28th, 2018 | by Sarah Jubb

Writing Matters To Meghan Markle

One of the main themes of National Stationery Week is to encourage people to embrace writing, which is why one of the main themes is #writingmatters. Today’s specific theme is #getcrafty, and there are plenty of ways to implement both with ease.

The world of calligraphy is a quick way to combine both crafting and writing. It is the art of both designing and executing lettering by using writing instruments such as a broad tip instrument, brush or other items.

The history of calligraphy spans back for millennia across the world, with both Western scripts such as Latin and Eastern scripts such as Chinese being written in an elegant form. Calligraphy today is often found in wedding or event invitations but is also used to create fonts and typography. It remains used in religious art but has also ventured across into graphic design and much more.

Britain’s Royal family understandably has a history of calligraphy, and the engagement of Prince Harry to American actress Meghan Markle adds a new chapter to their storied history.

A Royal Calligrapher

Many years before Meghan Markle met Prince Harry, and even before her appearance on the hit TV show Suits, she supported her career by working at a small shop that provided both decorative papers and custom stationery called Paper Source.

Writing matters with calligraphy

While working here, she would teach lessons in the art of calligraphy over a two-hour class. Markle also worked as a freelance calligrapher to support herself during the times that she did not have any work. During her freelance days she would create calligraphy for celebrity correspondence and even wrote the wedding invites for actress Paul Patton and singer Robin Thicke’s wedding in 2005.

Markle has spoken previously about her love of handwritten notes on her lifestyle blog, The Tig, which has now been closed. She spoke about how she feels like handwritten notes are an art form that is lost, with the idea of people taking the time to personally write a note by putting pen to paper is special.

Embrace Writing Like Meghan Markle

While the rates of people handwriting is slowly declining with the increasing use of technology such as smartphones, tablets and laptops, it is still an important skill to maintain. On the Post Office Shop we have a large range of Writing products in a wide range, including ballpoint pens, fibre tip pens and much more.

As such, there’s guaranteed to be something for everyone to enjoy, so why not look today and find your perfect writing instruments and consider creating some personalised, hand written notes for people?

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