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Published on October 4th, 2019 | by Sam Rose

World Animal Day – Great Gifts for Animal Fans

It’s World Animal Day so we’ve traversed through the wilderness in order to provide you with some great gift options for the animal fan in your life!

Dog person?

Cat person?

Perhaps both or even a different type of animal?

Whatever you tend to prefer, we can all agree that animals are truly magnificent and World Animal Day is a great opportunity to share our appreciation for them!

With Christmas almost two months away, we thought we’d present a few great gift ideas for the animal fan in your life to get you stocked up early, so read on for our World Animal Day themed gift guide!

World Animal Day – Great Gifts for Animal Fans

For the Child at Heart…

Our first suggestion is one likely to raise fond memories for those who were the first to discover the delightfully whimsical tale of The Gruffalo.

Released as part of The Gruffalo Special Stamps issue next week, this beautifully crafted Presentation Pack contains all six special stamps contained in the release with an additional Miniature Sheet and some other fun extras.

If you love the iconic board game of Snakes and Ladders, then you’ll be delighted to learn that this pack contains a specially themed version of the game, with pop-up characters from the endearing tale also included to play the game with!

And if you’re a trivia buff, then the interactive exercise which asks ‘How well do you know the Gruffalo’ is sure to provide some entertainment for the whole family!

For an Eagle-Eyed Birdwatcher…

For centuries, Raptors were heavily persecuted against so much so that their numbers took a dramatic decline to the point where many were at risk of going extinct.

In more present times however, the intelligence and grace of Birds of Prey cannot be understated and what we regard as spectacular and top-level predators of the skies, have been able to receive greater protection in more recent years.

This elegant Framed Stamps Set collates together all ten of the Special Stamps from the Birds of Prey Special Stamps issue delicately individually mounted in an extremely stylish black box effect photo frame.

Featuring the likes of the White-tailed Eagle, the Merlin, the Hobby, the Buzzard, the Golden Eagle, the Kestrel, the Goshawk, the Sparrowhawk, the Red Kite and the Peregrine Falcon all in stunning detail, this Framed Stamps set is ideal for proudly displaying in the home or to add character to any workplace wall.

For a Reel Fish Fan…

The British waters and beyond contain some of the most colourful and varied species of fish in the world today.

World Animal Day Sustainable Fish First Day Cover

This impressive First Day Cover gathers together ten of the UK’s most fascinating species of fish, divided into sustainable fish and the unfortunately more threatened fish on a striking presentational cover featuring the likes of Pouting, Herring, Dab, Cornish Sardines, Red Gurnard, Common Skate, Wolffish, Conger Eel, Sturgeons and Spiny Dogfish.

Finishing off the collectible stamp cover is a specially designed Hynth, Kent 5614 postmark, cancelled on the first day of issue.

The Sustainable Fish Stamp Cover is the perfect addition for any collector of animal themed collectibles or for keen fans of fishing and angling.

For the Avid Collector…

If you are looking to add some nuance to your ongoing taste in collectibles, then these Animal themed Stamps Collections are the perfect way to make a good stamp collection, even greater!

No matter what your favourite type of animal is, these Stamp Collections contain 100 individual high-quality stamps based on various species including the likes of Wild Animals, Birds, Fish, General Animals, Reptiles, Horses and Dogs and Cats.

For the philatelist in your life, these Stamp Collections will be sure to bring a smile to their face once they unwrap it for their Birthday or even on Christmas morning!

For the Fantasy Fan…

We couldn’t finish this guide without taking you to Westeros, a realm inhabited by several fantastical beasts and fearsome creatures!

We’re of course talking about the hit television series Game of Thrones and now you can enter this vast fantasy world with the Game of Thrones Framed Miniature Sheet.

Featuring the complete Miniature Sheet from the Game of Thrones Special Stamps issue and five individual Game of Thrones Special Stamps including the frightening Direwolves and ferocious Dragons from the show, this collector’s gem is mounted in a smart looking presentational frame.

This richly detailed collection is brought solidly together by the Iron Throne Definitive 1st Class Postage Stamp in the centre of the sheet, making it an essential purchase for any Game of Thrones follower or fan of the Fantasy genre!

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