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Ever Wondered How You Could Exercise Whilst At Work? Introducing The Treadmill Desk!

When it comes to new inventions that offer a whole range of benefits, we think that the BigRig desk takes some beating.

Combining an exercise bike with an office desk, the BigRig desk not only enables workers to improve their fitness whilst working away, but also provides environmentally friendly energy to power gadgets and tools.

Taking the ideal of a green office to another level, as a worker pedals away, the treadmill desk generates an electrical current able to power laptops and smartphones!

We learn that the BigRig desk, which is hand crafted, was designed by a New York-based company called Pedal Power which was founded by Steve Blood and Andy Wekin. According to the designers themselves, the bicycle technology they are using is ‘nearly perfect’ with 97 per cent efficiency and should be utilised more in everyday tasks.


Apparently the best friends build pedal-powered machines by hand in their spare time and the BigRig desk has been 5 years in the making. They have a vision that one day every household will be charging phones, processing food and pumping water with pedal power.

The extremely clever piece of kit can power nearly anything that uses a chain and requires less than one horsepower. So to put that into some kind of context, an average adult can use the BigRig Desk to generate 100 watts of electricity or pump 5 gallons of water a minute.

Each machine crafted by Steve Blood and Andy Wekin is hand-built with welded, all-steel frames using stock bicycle parts wherever possible. Computer aided design (CAD) technology is also utilised to produce a drawing which ensures each machine fits a customer’s requirements.

As it takes up to four months to build each machine from scratch there is little chance the treadmill desk will be a mass market product any time soon but perhaps one day we will all be pedaling away and exercising at our desks!

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