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Published on November 29th, 2016 | by Michelle Roper-Shaw

Win an Ingenuity 5th Technology Parker Pen

Parker Pens have added a touch of style and luxury into our handwriting for over 125 years. With Christmas just around the corner you could win an Ingenuity 5th Technology Parker Pen in our new competition.

Parker is a brand renowned for its craftsmanship. It has two Royal Warrants and is the official supplier of writing instruments to the Royal household and the Prince of Wales.

How Parker Pens was Founded

George Safford Parker

George Safford Parker, the founder of Parker Pens

The founder of Parker Pens, George Safford Parker was originally a telegraphy teacher. He would often spend time repairing his pupils’ pens. Frustrated that he couldn’t find a pen that wrote well and didn’t leak, he decided to make one himself.

In 1888, aged 25, George applied for his first patent. His philosophy continues to drive the brand to this day;

“It will always be possible to make a better pen.”





125 Years Transforming the Written Word

Even today, in a world where we rely so heavily on our smartphones and mobile devices, the written word is still so important. Throughout Parker Pens’ history the company has continued to innovate and embrace new found technology. Here are some of the many highlights:

Parker pen history

1894: George Parker invented the Lucky Curve anti-leak system. This established the company as a leading light in the fountain pen industry.

1906: The Silver Parker Snake pen, inspired by the Art Nouveau movement became a valuable collector’s item.

1914: Launched during World War One,  the Trench Pen was especially designed for soldiers. This pen featured dry ink tablets which were activated by simply adding water. By 1918, Parker sales reached $1 million mark for the first time.

1921: The Roaring Twenties were in full swing. The Duofold Pen captured the spirit of the age and the “Big Red” became world famous with its bright orange colour and 25-year guarantee. Ever looking to make improvements, the Duofold was redesigned in 1928. Made from a new durable plastic, it was resistant to cracking whether it be dropped from an airplane or to the bottom of the Grand Canyon. The Duofold is still produced today.

1933: The famous Parker arrow clip made its first appearance. The Vacumatic Pen, designed by Joseph Platt held twice as much ink as any pen of its time and had a visible ink reservoir. The arrow clip, almost hand chiselled in appearance, echoes the fine art of pen making. It eventually became Parker’s emblem in 1957 and remains so today.

1939: The Parker 51 was developed and subsequently launched in 1941. Inspired by Kenneth Parker’s love for aircraft aerodynamics it won an Academy Award for best design. When Germany surrendered World War Two in 1945, General Dwight D. Eisenhower signed the declaration with a Parker 51. General Douglas MacArthur used his wife’s Duofold to sign the Japanese surrender.

1954: The Jotter ballpoint pen was launched. It sold 3.5 million in its first year and remains as popular over 60 years later, selling 750 million.

1964: Ever at the forefront of new technology, at the New York World Fair, Parker’s pavilion featured an IBM computer. Matching “pen friends” from all over the world it could be said to be the original social network.

1969: A special edition Parker Classic was created to celebrate the moon landing. The following year the T-1 was launched, made from titanium and known as the “space pen”.

1987: Continuing the tradition of being centre stage in historical events, four unique sterling silver Parker 75 pens are made. These pens were used to sign the Intermediate Nuclear Arms Treaty by President Ronald Reagan and Mikhail Gorbachev.

2015: Parker announced enhancements to the Duofold and Sonnet collections. In addition, a new take on the Parker brand identity has encouraged people to slow down, organise their thoughts and embrace better thinking, using the written word.

Parker Pen Fact

We are all familiar with Parker Quink. However, did you know, the first bottle sold for $68,000?

Quink, short for quick drying ink, took Kenneth Parker three years of research and 1021 experiments. Launched in 1931, it was the first pen-cleaning ink that dried fast on paper and needed no blotter.

Win an Ingenuity 5th Technology Parker Pen in Time for Christmas


This could be the ideal gift for Christmas or a special treat for yourself

In this competition you could win a Parker Pen Ingenuity 5th Technology Pen in Red with a Red Rubber and Metal Gold Trim worth £150!

Developed to bring the best of all writing modes together, Parker Ingenuity uses Patented 5th Technology to adapt to your handwriting instantly. It knows your every curve for a completely smooth writing experience making it more than a pen, it’s an extension of you.

This stylish pen features:

41dmnliihllParker 5th mode technology including a smart glide tip which rapidly adjusts to your personal writing style

A flexible up-and-down movement of the front area gives you a fountain pen nib-like feel with a smooth writing experience

Eliminates pressure, impact and temperature-induced ink leaks

A refill tip designed to maximise cap-off time

Also includes one medium black 5th technology refill cartridge

It is also presented in a stylish gift presentation box.

Simply enter your name and email address in the box below and you will be automatically entered into our sweepstake.

The closing date for this competition is midnight Sunday 11th December 2016. One lucky winner will be selected at random and notified by email on Monday 12th December.

Good luck everyone!

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