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Published on April 27th, 2018 | by Sarah Jubb

Where’s My Stapler? Common Stolen Office Supplies

It’s the age-old question that inevitably gets asked in an office, though you can often substitute the stapler for another item of office stationery. Many times, people may just simply lose track of where they placed their item, but others will find it stolen, whether on purpose or by accident.

While some people may not consider it to be a big deal if a pen goes missing, for businesses the costs can soon rack up quickly. A survey in the UK found that companies were losing £2billion a year because of stolen office supplies. It may be thought that people steal these items accidently, but over two-thirds admitted to freely stealing from their workplace.

For anyone wanting to try and limit the number of items that go missing in an office, consider storing all stationery in one place and locking it. Only allow employees in when they need something, though there is always the chance that items could still go walkabouts.

But what are some of the most popular items that get taken in an office? We’ve put together a list of some of the items that are most wanted, as well as the easiest to vanish!

Post-It NotesPost-it notes

Post-it Notes are the perfect size to simply tuck into a bag or a pocket, making them one of the ideal targets of sticky fingers. They’re also incredibly useful, as they can be used to take notes, bring attention to information, bookmark pages or note down edits and much more.

With a large variety of colours and sizes available, there’s always Post-it Notes to appeal to everyone, making them a much wanted item.

Toilet Paper

This is an item that might be more than a little bit mystifying to most people, but toilet paper often ends up being one of the most stolen items. How the successful thieves manage to sneak this out of the office is even more of a mystery, but people are often happy to take anything!

For any office who finds that their toilet paper keeps going missing, we have a whole range of affordable Paper Towels and Rolls available on the Post Office Shop to keep you fully stocked.

Stabilo PensPens and Highlighters

It perhaps comes with no surprise that one of the most popular items to ‘disappear’ from an office are the pens and highlighters that often litter them. This is perhaps one of those items that could be easily accidentally stolen, as it’s easy to simply mindlessly put a pen in a bag.

The good news is that most offices often have an abundant supply of writing products, whether they are the expensive pens that are dreams to write with or cheap pens that can go missing without a thought.

Copier Paper

This is yet another one of the most popular stolen office supplies that we’re not entirely sure how people get away with stealing, as copier paper is not a small or light item to steal. Paper is abundant in an office, so there are obviously people who will think nothing to simply helping themselves to a ream or maybe even two.

With the range of paper that offices usually have, from A4 paper to A3 and often with a variety of colours available, it’s no surprise that people take this home!

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