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Published on September 29th, 2017 | by Michelle Roper-Shaw

What Does Your Choice of Coffee Say About You?

Today, homes and businesses across the country will be holding a Macmillan Coffee Morning to raise money for cancer research.

It is also National Coffee Day. Apparently, your choice in coffee says a lot about you. So, which one of these coffees is your favourite?


You are a born leader. A shot of espresso in the morning sets you up for the day ahead. Espresso drinkers work hard and play hard. If you prefer a double espresso, you are logical and practical. Whilst you are hardworking, you prefer a clear direction from others to guide you in your work.


If a milky latte is your coffee of choice you are a laid-back individual. However, you do tend to be indecisive and like to reflect and take your time before making a decision.


Cappuccino drinkers are sophisticated and creative. You are very sociable and enjoy the company of your friends. Remember, if you are a real cappuccino aficionado you will only drink cappuccino in the morning, just like the Italians.


You have a sense of adventure. Spontaneity and live life in the moment is your moto. You don’t like to plan in advance and so your easy-going nature and positive outlook makes you a great person to be around.

Black Coffee

Black coffee drinkers like to keep life simple. You don’t spend unnecessarily on expensive clothes or trendy devices and you aim for a quiet, stress free life.

Flat White

Or, to put it simply, coffee with milk. Your no fuss choice means you are comfortable in your own skin. You love to be surrounded with friends and family and not worry about what your choice of coffee says about you!

Smell the Coffee at the Post Office Shop

Whether you are buying coffee for the home or office there are plenty of options to choose from at the Post Office Shop.  Caffeinated or de-caff, make your preference from our wide range of Hot Drinks and Fairtrade coffee.

Mycafe Instant Coffee Granules 750g Tin

Mycafe Instant Coffee Granules 750g Tin is the ideal choice for busy catering establishments and office kitchens. Freeze dried to retain its delicious flavour, the resealable tin ensures the last cup will be as good and fresh as the last.








Nescafe and Go Cappuccino.If you want to save money on your high street coffee in the morning, look no further than the Nescafe and Go Cappuccino. Supplied in a pack of 8, all you need to do is add hot water to the cappuccino mix and you instantly have your coffee to go at a fraction of the price of your favourite coffee shop.








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