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Published on October 10th, 2017 | by Michelle Roper-Shaw

Valuable Round Pounds

There is just under a week to spend your old round pounds. From Monday 16th October, they are no longer legal tender. However, before you spend them, check your change. You may have one of the handful of valuable round pounds worth more than their face value.

The old round pound has been in circulation since 1983. It has now been replaced by the new twelve-sided pound coin and will be not be accepted by shops after 15th October 2017.  Over 1 billion round £1 coins have been returned, yet it is estimated that millions are still in circulation.

The Royal Mint advises businesses to, where possible, prioritise the new coin when giving customers their change. Customers can ask for their change in any way they wish, however, businesses can still include the round £1 in change until 15th October.

There are 24 different designs of the round £1 and some can fetch a good sum of money. With the deadline quickly approaching, the rarer designs are becoming more valuable.

Which Round Pounds You Will Want to Keep After 15th October?

Check this list of the rarest round pound coins. The most valuable coin is The Wales: Cardiff City £1 coin, released in 2011. It fetches around £20 on auction sites such as eBay.

Other valuable coins according to Change Checker are: The Scotland: Edinburgh City £1 Coin, The London City £1 Coin, The Scotland: Thistle and Bluebell £1 Coin and The UK: Crowned Shield £1 Coin.

Round Pounds infographic


Check Your Twelve-Sided Pound Coins Too

twelve sided pound coin

In addition, it is also worth checking your twelve-sided pound coins. Although they have only been in circulation just over six months, production errors have led to some coins changing hands for up to £250 as discussed in our article, Rare Twelve-Sided Pound Coins.

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