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Published on September 27th, 2019 | by Sam Rose

UK Online Shopping Habits in 2019 Detailed

The UK’s online shopping habits in 2019 have been revealed, with the rise of ecommerce and social media proving to have created some significant changes.

Taking into account the rise of contactless payments, social media based online stores and ecommerce in general, the Royal Mail have released their latest Delivery Matters report into the UK’s online shopping habits in 2019.

At a glance, social media has created the biggest changes in the UK’s online shopping behavior, with 23% of those who use social media on a regular basis claiming that they have purchased new items after seeing posts or comments on social media platforms.

Celebrity and influencer culture has also been instrumental in a sharp increase in ecommerce sales coming from social media channels, with 45% of those aged 18-34 indicating that they have purchased an item after viewing a social media post or a comment from a friend, blogger, celebrity or influencer.

Online Shopping Habits in 2019 Facts and Figures


The full report which can be accessed here, lists several key statistics relating to the UK’s online shopping habits in 2019.

Some of the most notable to be taken from their research are:

54% of shoppers prefer to browse online rather than in physical stores due to the ease of being able to compare prices (51% indicated this was due the range in choice, 46% put it down to the overall ease of searching and 44% comment that this was due to greater comfort)

Over a 3-month period, the average UK shopper has made an online purchase just over six times, spending an average of £266 online over this same period.

• UK online shoppers prefer to make purchases in the evening, with 75% indicating this to be the case. 65% prefer to buy in the afternoon and 52% during lunch time hours.

• When online shopping, 50% of consumers will opt to use a laptop as their preferred device, closely followed by mobile devices at 43% (an increase of 39% from last year’s findings)

• Preferred location for online shopping continues to change, with most consumers (97%) commenting that their home is the primary place they will make an online purchase from. However, both making online purchases whilst commuting (42%) and making online purchases at work (42%) have risen.

Social Media’s Impact on UK Consumer Shopping Behaviour

Commenting further on the research and on the UK’s shift in online shopping behavior, a spokesperson from the Royal Mail expressed:

“Over the last few years, social media has had an increasing impact on the way UK consumers shop.

When browsing social media, UK shoppers are making purchases after seeing posts and this, accompanied by the rise in mobile shopping, is driving more change in shopping habits.

The delivery and occasional return of these items is now a core part of the customer experience, so retailers should choose a delivery provider they can trust and one which offers their customers both mobile friendly channels and convenient local access points.”

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