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Published on December 11th, 2019 | by Sam Rose

UK Christmas Spending for 2019 Revealed

The country’s gift buying budgets set for the Christmas season this year have been detailed in a new research study on UK Christmas Spending for 2019.

How much are you planning to spend on Christmas gifts for your friends and loved ones this year?

To try and further understand the UK’s Christmas spending for 2019, Nationwide Building Society recently carried out a research study which questioned 2,000 members of the British public on how much they were planning to spend on Christmas this year.

Considering gift shopping, Christmas parties, and preparing the home with festive decorations such as tinsel, Christmas trees and Advent calendars, the study revealed that the UK public are willing to spend around as much as £725 during the most wonderful time of the year.

UK Christmas Spending for 2019 Detailed

Breaking down their survey further, it was also determined that the UK are ready to spend around £363 on average solely on Christmas gifts for their relatives, with 1 in 12 people who were asked upping the ante even higher by claiming they expect to spend more than £800 on Christmas presents for relatives alone.

As part of the study, Nationwide have also gathered figures relating to UK Christmas spending for 2019 based on how much would be put aside in order to cover gifts for family members.

According to their findings, the spend per family member in the UK could end up ranking as:

1. Children (£67)
2. Spouse/Partner (£63)
3. Mother (£40)
4. Father (£33)
5. Siblings (£31)
6. In-laws (£30)
7. Step-parents (£29)
8. Grandparents (£28)
9. Aunts/Uncles (£22)
10. Pets (£20)

As the list above suggests, Children are likely to be the recipients of the most expensive gift amounts this Christmas, with the average spend on their presents totaling £67.

Interestingly, more than a quarter said that they were planning to spend more than this per child, with figures closer to £100 being raised.

In what can be considered the most interesting of the statistics taken on UK Christmas spending for 2019, only 4% of those who were surveyed admitted that they were not planning to purchase a gift for their partner or spouse this year.

And overall, the UK could be set to spend a staggering £33.3 billion on Christmas gifts this year alone according to financial experts at Money.

How Does the UK’s Spend at Christmas Compare to Other Countries?

A recent article produced by World Atlas charts exactly how much other countries are expected to spend compared to the UK at Christmas.

In general, the UK ranks at the top of the list when considering how much countries in the world will spend on gifts at Christmas but is closely followed by the United States (average of $920/£699 per person).

However, when considering the percentage of monthly income that is put towards Christmas spending, Romania comes out on top with 32% being spent on gifts during the Christmas season.

The full table below displays where other countries such as the UK, France and Spain ranked based on this study:


Country Christmas Spending (% of monthly income)


Romania 32%


Czech Republic



United Kingdom



United States














9 Poland


Jon Ostler, UK CEO of comparison website Finder, offers some closing thoughts on Christmas spending this year, expressing:

“It is interesting to see so many of us are thinking about how we can make our money go further or focus on experiences this Christmas.

It can be a great feeling to give or receive a present, but it doesn’t need to break the bank.”

He adds:

“You will need to think about what your family and friends will value, but why not consider doing something really meaningful like learning to cook a new dish, making something or planning a day out somewhere.

These could last longer in the memory than a product.”

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