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What Traits Do You Think Make The Perfect Boss?

Whilst to some extent what one person deems the qualities they look for in their boss will probably differ from another, there are nevertheless a number of attributes that are widely recognised to be evident within all successful and popular bosses in an organisation.

Our own poll investigating the characteristics perceived as most important in making the perfect boss cited fairness as the most sought after trait. Over a third (38%) said that a boss with integrity who is inclusive in their approach and treated every individual fairly was what they most appreciated.

Conversely, only one in ten (12 per cent) of those asked cited a commitment to personal development and nurturing talent as the characteristic they most desired their boss to demonstrate.

Our own research here at the Post Office Shop into what makes the perfect boss has led us to pinpoint eight characteristics that seem most significant for any successful boss to demonstrate:

1.       Is inclusive

An environment built on integrity, trust and respect will be created when an inclusive culture is evident. It is largely the responsibility of senior management to ensure each employee is treated fairly  – both in terms of their salary in correlation to an individual’s roles and responsibilities and also how involved they are in the daily function of a business. A boss that encourages feedback, innovation and creativity is far more likely to achieve genuine engagement with employees.

2.       More than just money

The ability to ingrain a genuine mission for the business in addition to the focus on profitability is deemed to be a key driver for success. By creating a sense of importance of the jobs undertaken by each and every employee, motivation of an individual and respect for the boss are far more likely to be achieved.

3.       Industry knowledge

Superior bosses have knowledge of the business and the industry and know how the work group helps accomplish company goals and objectives.

4.       Don’t just lead – coach

Successful leaders are also perceived as coaches who teach, encourage and share knowledge. An effective boss does not assume that their employees know exactly what to do in all situations and how to do it. Conversely, a well respected leader will also find a balance between over-controlling and under-controlling their staff.

5.       It’s their careers, too

A boss who can demonstrate their appreciation and willingness to help employees advance and develop in their respective career will also be held in higher esteem by employees.


6.       A good communicator

Be it face-to-face, email or teleconferencing, demonstrating a commitment to regularly updating employees and informing them of their performance is a widely regarded attribute that employees respect in their superiors.

7.       Leads by example

It is often said that excellent bosses lead by example. They model high ethical standards and set similar expectations for employees. Furthermore they ensure that company policies, procedures and practices reflect those standards.

8.       Nurtures each person’s talents

A great boss observes their employees to find out their strengths and talents. In return employees will then feel appreciated and will be motivated by knowing that someone has their best interests at heart. A good boss also doesn’t micromanage and should trust their team without telling them how to do their work.

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