Office Top Tips for Exam Success

Published on May 18th, 2017 | by Michelle Roper-Shaw

Top Tips for Exam Success

Students up and down the country are now busy revising and sitting their end of term exams. Whether you like to prepare well in advance or are a last minute crammer, here are some tips for exam success.

With GCSE and university exams running until June, this time of year is very stressful for students. Taking the time to organise and prepare for your exams seems obvious. However, under the weight of all those subjects to revise for, it is sometimes difficult to see the wood for the trees.

Therefore, we have this quick guide to help you clear your head and get ready for your exams.

Top 5 Tips to get Exam Ready

Make a revision timetable. The key to this is to be realistic. Whether you are planning a month ahead or a day ahead, break your revision into manageable chunks. Experts advise to keep revision sessions to 45 minutes before taking a 15-minute break. This gives you time to digest what you have just learnt. However, do not fall into the trap of spending so much time perfecting your timetable that you eat into your valuable revision time.

Alternate your revision between subjects. Do not spend all day revising one subject. Alternate between a couple of subjects to make the best use of your time. In addition, if you go over the same information a couple of times a day this will also boost your chances of remembering important information.

Colour code your revision notes. Using different colours in your revision notes helps you to remember. The pack of 10 Stabilo Point 88 Fineliners in Assorted Colours are a great way of getting your notes to stand out. Remember, different colours affect our brains in different ways. Warm colours stimulate, whilst cool colours calm us.

stabilo fineliner pens

Red – Draws attention to something that is urgent or important.

Orange – Invites the reader to do something and prevents boredom and so a usual colour to incorporate into your notes when there is lots of information to remember.

Yellow – There is a reason why we choose yellow highlighters to point out important pieces of text. Yellow is a colour that stimulates mental activity.

Blue – When a subject seems to be too complicated or detailed, write it down in blue.

Green – A colour that represents balance. In many schools, it is now used by teachers to mark homework in preference to the dreaded red pen. You may also be interested to know it is the colour used by MI6 to sign all their documents.

Purple – A versatile colour, it can be used in combination with any other colour to make your notes stand out and help you remember important facts.

mind mapping your way to exam success

Mind Map Your Way to Exam Success. Mind mapping is an excellent tool to use during exam time. Instead of writing notes in linear form, you draw your notes instead. The more creative and visual your mind map looks can you obtain a better understanding of a subject. This method engages both the left and right sides of the brain and is thought to enhance retention of information. Seeing a full subject on one page of paper can help you to find links between the various aspects of a topic that may not have been clear when displayed in a traditional written format.

Get Someone to Ask You questions. Ask a friend or family member to test you. Talking through your answers will also enhance your thought process and knowledge of a subject. It also ensures you have a break from writing and studying your notes.

Fill Up Your Pencil Case at the Post Office Shop

At this time of your it is essential that your pencil case is stocked full of all the stationery items you need to get you through the exam season. Here at the Post Office Shop we can brighten up your pencil case with our great range of Fashion Stationery.  The Pilot Frixion Pens range are ideal for making revision notes and because the ink is erasable, they can be used in text books too.

For teachers and exam adjudicators, take a look at our Education range to ensure you have all the supplies you need for this important time of the academic year.

Finally, if you are about to sit an exam today, take a deep breath and good luck.

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