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Published on December 16th, 2013 | by admin

The Top Things We Forget On A Daily Basis

When it comes to forgetfulness, it’s something most of us suffer from as we go about our busy daily lives and hectic schedules. And after a weekend relaxing, Monday’s are more often than not the day that common omissions occur – at both home and work.

To prove the point, a study by Avery office products has revealed that on a typical working day, we manage to forget around five important things!

A quarter of those who took part said that their excuse was that they were trying to remember too much and a fifth stated that there aren’t enough hours in the day to deal with everything they were supposed to.

Furthermore, apparently one in five of us forget important passwords and a quarter forget to charge their mobile phone.

Sound familiar? Here’s a list of some of the most common things we most forget and some advice to addressing the problem:

1.Returning phone calls:

Consider keeping a daily log of important calls using notebooks and notepads which can then be ticked off once they have been actioned.

2. Replying to emails:

Ever bumped into a colleague who has made you feel guilty for not replying to that email two weeks ago? Go though emails from the previous week and flag them up ready for the week ahead. Set some written reminders too by using colourful Post It Notes you can attach to your screen to help you get more organised.

3. People’s names:

It can be an embarrassing moment forgetting anyone’s name and can easily cause offence unintentionally.  Whilst name badges can help in a more formal setting at a conference or networking event, unfortunately on a day to day basis all you can do is try to make a conscious effort to remember and avoid awkward situations in future.

4. Sending birthday cards:

Whether you choose to use the calendar on your email or mobile phone, or a more traditional method via diaries, calendars and planners, its more than likely that those all important birthdays for friends and family will be missed if we don’t note the date, so be prepared.

5. Charging mobile phones:

Just when we really need our phone, more often than not we realise we are almost out of battery. Try and get into the habit of charging your phone every night and if possible, carry a spare charger with you when out and about.

6. Recalling passwords:

Ever locked yourself out of your computer on a Monday morning because your brain hasn’t quite kicked into gear and that password you need is completely elusive? In future, set your password to something simple, and use sequential numbers when you are required to change the password for ease of retrieval. This way, you can avoid any uncomfortable phone calls to the IT department.

7. Taking food out of the freezer:

If you are in charge of cooking then you know how this problem can ruin your plans for the evening. Going to the supermarket after work in the rush hour traffic wasn’t exactly your plan, nor was eating that joint of meat frozen. This is something that can be easily avoided with a simple colourful Post It Note reminder as part of your breakfast routine.


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