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Published on November 21st, 2018 | by Sam Rose

Top 5 Mistakes When Wrapping Christmas Presents

At the height of the festive season, you could find yourself getting a little over excited when wrapping Christmas Presents. Here are 5 mistakes to avoid!

Ah Christmas. The time for cosy nights at home in front of the fireplace whilst the snow trickles down outside. An occasion to relax away from work and settle down at the dinner table with friends and family to dig into a wondrous festive feast! But before all of that, comes the realization that it’s about time to sort out the day’s arrangements and get wrapping Christmas presents too! We’ve prepared a list of common mistakes when people start on this time-consuming task, so make sure to read on to ensure you avoid these top 5 mistakes when it’s time for wrapping Christmas presents!

Top 5 Mistakes When Wrapping Christmas Presents

Badly Wrapping Christmas Presents

1.  Not Using a Large Enough Wrapping Area

We’ve all been there. We’ve all got a little overzealous when it comes to choosing where we’ll be wrapping Christmas presents. Sometimes you’ve got a limited space to work with, whether it’s in the office or while you’re on the go. But our first tip is to make sure you’ve got a large enough wrapping area to work with. Giving yourself more space lessens the chance of messy, crumpled paper folds. And of course, it’ll mean you won’t be bumping into any walls or other objects around you when you’re trying to neatly wrap your gifts!

2.  Forgetting to Gather The Right Supplies

Scissors? Check. Wrapping Paper? Check. Roll of Tape? Oh, it’s in the other room! Make sure to avoid this common scenario by having all your supplies to hand before you begin! The most important items you’re going to need when wrapping up your seasonal gifts are:

Remember that the Post Office Shop website has all of these items available for FREE Delivery online when you spend over £30, meaning you’ll never be left scrambling for supplies when it’s Christmas presents wrapping time.

3.  Cutting the Wrapping Paper Too Short/Long

It can be all too tempting to use the exact same size of cut paper for everything you’ll be wrapping, after all what’s the harm in some excess paper on your gifts? Resist the temptation to achieve much crisper, neater gift wrapping by cutting each piece of your wrapping paper so that it fits around the item snugly. Likewise, make sure you’re using enough wrapping paper around the area of items. Not using enough paper can make Christmas presents look messy and even worse, it might give away what’s inside!

4.  Taping Wrapping Paper to Boxed Gifts

Now this can be sometimes a difficult situation to avoid but it’s advisable to avoid taping the wrapping paper to any gifts that are contained in boxes. Sure, at first it probably seems like it might secure the wrapping on your gift. But doing so can rip away at any decorations/imagery on the box itself when opening it. Depending on the item, it could even cause it some damage so steer clear of taping your paper to already boxed items.

5.  Crossing Decorative Ribbons on the Bottom of Gifts

If you’re the type that always adds an extra decorational touch when wrapping Christmas presents with Ribbons or Bows, then be sure not to cross them at the bottom of items. Doing so will add a lump the bottom of the package so it won’t be able to sit flat on the floor or on any other surface. Instead, it’s advisable to wrap these types of accessories at the very top of gifts, around the packaging and cross it over itself from that point. This will leave only flat lines of Ribbon on the bottom instead for a much neater touch.

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