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Today is Organise Your Home Office Day

It’s not just those who are self-employed who have a home office. Many of us use a spare bedroom to set up a home office for sorting through all those domestic bills, bank statements and insurance documents which need filing for reference.

Just like other rooms in the house, the home office inevitably becomes messy, dusty and disorganised over time. And what better time to have a clear out than on Organise Your Home Office Day. So where to start?

Go through all your desk drawers and review all the paperwork which is either loose or contained within document files and folders, discarding documents no longer required. Installing suspension files is a highly efficient method to effectively utilise available space to store paperwork required in an orderly manner.

Remember that confidential information needs to be discarded with care. To mitigate the risk of identity fraud it is prudent to have a strip cut shredder to hand for the disposal of general personal documents such as household bills. Alternatively it is advisable to use a confetti cut shredder to discard highly confidential paperwork such as bank statements or work-related documents.

After clearing unwanted paperwork from your workstation, its then time to group like items together such as pens, pencils and other those loose stationery that may be strewn in drawers using desk accessories for easy retrieval.

For the finishing touches, why not brighten up the home office environment and go for a more colour co-ordinated look? Just as we all like to spruce up other rooms in the home from time to time why should the home office space be any different?

It’s also a timely moment to review how comfortable your home workstation really is and consider ergonomic improvements that will enhance your posture in order to guard against musculoskeletal and eye related ailments.

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