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Published on September 27th, 2017 | by Sarah Jubb

Time To Travel For World Tourism Day

Wednesday 27th September is officially World Tourism Day and the theme for this year is for Sustainable Tourism.

In recent decades, tourism has expanded and become an important business for many countries and many cities in particular. According to the United Nations, international tourist arrivals across the world have grown from only 25 million in 1950 to an astonishing 1.2 billion in 2015.

This also brings a significant amount of revenue with tourist revenue estimated at 1260 trillion US dollars in 2015. To put this into context, this means the tourist sector represents almost 10% of GDP worldwide, showing that tourism is incredibly important across the world.

Sustainable tourism is all about ensuring that economic, social and environmental impacts are taken into account. This means that not only are the needs of tourists taken into account, but also the environment and host countries to make tourism as positive as possible.

The Most Popular Destinations

Everyone may have a different idea of what their dream destination is, but there are three cities in particular that in 2016 proved to be the most popular in the world with tourists. In third place was Paris, the City of Love, with its extravagant boulevards and historic facades always being an appealing attraction for tourists.

The good news for anyone living in the United Kingdom is that the capital, London, was ranked the second most popular destination with 19.88 million visitors. With a range of activities ranging from historical to cultural and everything in between, it’s a must visit destination.

But the number one destination in 2016 was Bangkok, the capital of Thailand. It saw 21.47 million visitors and sees tradition and modernity blended together wonderfully. If you’re planning to go abroad for your holiday then it’s important to remember to take the correct accessories.

In the age of digital technology, this means that adaptors for plugs are incredibly important to keep tablets and mobile phones fully charged. Take a look at the range of adaptors along with some other important accessories for travelling in our range of Travel Accessories. Travelling abroad also means using a passport, so make sure that it stays in pristine condition by using a Passport Cover.

Forth Rail Bridge

Be More Sustainable By Travelling In The UK

Whilst going abroad is always fun and exciting, there are plenty of beautiful and exciting places to visit here in the United Kingdom. Given the theme of Sustainable Travelling for World Tourism Day, visiting British destinations can help to be more sustainable. Instead of travelling on a plane or driving, consider taking trains and busses to reduce your environmental footprint.

It was only at the start of September that Scotland was voted the world’s most beautiful country by Rough Guides readers. With its magnificent Highlands, beautiful lochs, picture perfect islands and vibrant cities it is easy to see how the country took the top spot. The Forth Rail Bridge, often considered a symbol of Scotland, is featured on the Forth Rail Bridge Stamp Cover along with five special stamps celebrating famous bridges.

The rest of the Britain also fared well in the poll with Wales ranking 10th and England 7th, proving that there are plenty of beautiful places to visit right here in the British Isles. Make sure that you are fully prepared for your holiday with the range of great value products available in our Travel section; right here on the Post Office Shop.

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