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It’s Time For The Office Christmas Party!

The office Christmas party season is well and truly upon us, so what do you have planned for yours this year?

As an ideal opportunity to relax, wind down and socialise with colleagues without discussing work for a change, the office Christmas party is an annual event that whether you are looking forward to it or dreading it, you are expected to attend.

However research we’ve undertaken has revealed that a significant number of office parties are ideally going to be far more low key this year with more than a quarter (27 per cent) of those asked saying their preferred office festive celebrations would encompass a civilised meal with colleagues, rather than an all singing all dancing (literally!) knees-up which only actually appealed to 13 per cent of those questioned.

It seems for many of us this year, we’ve cottoned on to the fact that a work’s Christmas party doesn’t need to be a lavish and expensive occasion after all, and for many a more simple option is far more palatable anyway.

So with that in mind, perhaps the office Christmas fuddle is an alternative way forward. But what’s a ‘fuddle’ I hear some you say? Basically the term ‘fuddle’ means everyone brings in a selection of festive culinary delights to share so everyone has a chance to wow their colleagues by getting creative in the kitchen and showcasing their cooking skills.

Compared to an expensive, lavish formal Christmas party which are own poll revealed often doesn’t meet with approval, an office Christmas fuddle might be just the answer. All you need to prepare are the catering requirements, clear a few desks and you’re ready to go!

Here’s our simple guide for making sure you don’t get in a muddle when organising the office Christmas fuddle:

Email all staff and let them know what’s happening  – include in your email a deadline for when you need a response

Identify and delegate a group of volunteers to help with setting up and cleaning up on the day

Get everyone to commit to bringing something along to add to the buffet

Assign someone to source an ample supply of paper plates and cutlery as well as napkins

Consider running the Secret Santa presentation to coincide with the office fuddle

Bon appétit!

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