Published on June 23rd, 2014 | by Sally Wenham

Tickled Pink For National Pink Day

Today is National Pink Day and in celebration we have decided to give you an insight into what the colour pink represents.

Commonly, pink is associated with feminism; however it has far more cultural and psychological connotations than that.

Admittedly, in Europe and North America the colour pink is most commonly associated with girls. However, did you know that in Belgium the colour pink is actually used to represent baby boys?

Pink has slightly different representation in some Asian cultures. In Korea for instance, pink is used to represent trust whilst in Thailand, the colour pink is commonly associated with Tuesday (yes, Tuesday).

Now, we’re going to explain the psychological representation of the colour. Pink is known to represent compassion, love and nurturing. It is the mix of red and white; red represents the need for action and helps achieve the potential for gaining insight and success which is offered by white.

However, it is the psychological representation of pink which is incredibly interesting. Pink is also known for its calming properties; it provides reassurance and inspires comforting feelings. Given that the office can be considered as a quite high pressure environment, it may be a good idea to surround yourself with pink office supplies to help you keep calm.

Here at the Post Office Shop, we have a large range of pink stationery which could help you add that little bit of serenity to your hectic working day. The Sigel Eyestyle stationery range has a large selection of pink items such as letter trays, hole punches, pen pots and magazine files.

We also have an extended range of pink office supplies that can add a splash of colour to your office as well as help you retain composure. We have a selection of pink stationery including Post-It notes, ring binders, notebooks and even an external hard drive!

So, if you’re ever feeling a little uptight, highly strung or under pressure in the office; why not surround yourself with pink stationery and see if their calming effects actually do work.

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