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Published on February 19th, 2018 | by Sam Rose

The Right Box

Struggling with choosing the correct mailing box to send your important items? Fear not, our Mailing Box guide will help you choose the right box for the right purpose!

When it comes to sending items any larger than a letter through the post, we’ll admit that it can be quite a confusing and daunting experience. From determining the amount of weight a box should hold to trying to estimate the thickness of the box you’ll need, it can get a bit stressful! With this in mind, we’ve broken down every box type available for mail and the type of items you can send in them – make sure to read on below!

Small Parcels

Maximum Measurements:

  • Length – 450mm
  • Width – 350mm
  • Height – 160mm
  • Weight – 2kg

Postpak Small Mailing Box

What you can send: Small Parcel Size Boxes are great for sending a wide variety of small to medium sized items in such as shoes, boxed gifts like glassware sets and even items of clothing. Due to their sturdy material and lining, they can even be used to send multiple presents in. These boxes come in a variety of styles suitable for business use and even for special occasions like birthdays and special events and are the most commonly used type of mailing box.

Postal Tubes

Maximum Measurements:

  • Length – 450mm
  • Width – 80mm
  • Height – 80mm
  • Weight – 2kg

Postal Tubes

What you can send: The most common use for Postal Tubes is for sending important large documents or papers through the post whilst protecting them from scuffs, rips and creases. However, these tubes also make for great use when sending large photographs or even posters in order to protect any of the text or images printed onto them. All of our tubes feature a handy plastic end cap to help keep any important contents secured during the entire postal process.

Medium Parcels

Maximum Measurements:

  • Length – 610mm
  • Width – 460mm
  • Height – 460mm
  • Weight – 20kg

Medium Mailing Box

What you can send: If the item you want to mail is a little heavier than the weight a Small Parcel Size Box can hold, you should use a Medium Parcel Size Box. These boxes are best for sending bulkier items like ornaments, larger packaged items and medium sized electrical items like small sized TVs and computer monitors. When using a medium parcel box, we would advise using one that has double walls – it will increase the amount of protection that your content receive during the transport process.

Large Parcels

Maximum Measurements:

  • Length – 610mm (or greater)
  • Width – 460mm (or greater)
  • Height – 460mm (or greater)
  • Weight – 20kg (or greater)

Large Mailing Box

What you can send: Large Parcel Size Boxes are the most versatile type of packaging to send large items in as they are suitable for a variety of situations. They are most commonly used for storing items in when moving house, but are also great for shipping across large electrical appliances or for sending heavier gifts to friends and family. Very often, they can exceed many length, width, height and weight limitations to contain just about any large item imaginable.

Packing a Parcel

Now you’ve been able to correctly choose the type of mailing box you need, there’s the small matter of making sure to correctly pack it so that the contents aren’t damaged during their postal journey. The Royal Mail Website contains a great advice page on how to best wrap and protect boxes, but here are a few general guidelines:

  • Make sure any outer containers are strong enough for their contents.
  • Fragile items shouldn’t touch either each other, or the side of the container.
  • Fill out containers with cushioning material like Bubble Wrap or Packaging Chips
  • Seal boxes securely with nylon or vinyl tape across all edges and openings.
  • Use a ‘FRAGILE’ sticker if necessary.

While these are the main types of boxes you’ll likely use for mailing, don’t forget to take a look at our new Mailing Box range on the Post Office Shop for more box types such as Gift and Bottle Boxes and Archive and Removal Boxes.

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