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Published on October 16th, 2015 | by Rob Stebbings


The Do’s And Dont’s When It Comes To Office Humour

Whilst on the one hand it is ‘business as usual’ the feelgood Friday feeling with the weekend on the horizon means that there is likely to be a slightly more relaxed and jovial atmosphere at work today. And that might also mean office humour is doing the rounds in abundance.

But does wit in the workplace actually improve team morale? We would all like to think the answer is a straight forward ‘yes’ but the reality might be very different and often depends on the dynamic that exists between senior management and employees.

Office laughter

The good news is that a recent poll conducted by Crowne Plaza® Hotels & Resorts found that a good sense of humour is essential to making the right first impression in business.

It found that two-thirds of respondents rated sense of humour as central to successful business relationships, ahead of other factors such as appearance, intelligence, confidence and a good handshake.

Conversely, a study conducted by the University of Missouri suggests that office humour can often backfire regardless of whether the joke is positive or negative in nature.


Do use humour as a means of lightning the mood and improving team morale – but only at the appropriate time, certainly not when deadlines loom!

Do take into account each individual person’s sense of humour remembering that jokes that contain racial or sexual stereotypes will not be tolerated and often lead to disciplinary action


Don’t use humour at the expense of colleagues which puts others down

Don’t crack jokes with senior management unless you’re convinced they will appreciate it

Don’t carry out office pranks using colleagues’ office equipment unless you are sure they will find the funny side. Remember The Office stapler in jelly episode?!


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