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The Crayola Craze That Is NOT Advised

Since they were first invented in 1903, Crayola Crayons and Pencils have proved to be a huge hit with both children and adults alike enabling them get their creative juices flowing simply by using a bright range of assorted colours.

The story of these instantly recognisable colour wax crayons began in Pennsylvania, USA more than 100 years ago and even the crayons themselves have been used to create sculptures inspired by films with a cult following such as Star Wars. So the mind boggles when it comes to just how much fun can be had with a crayon.

What’s more, even celebrities can go potty for Crayons like Harry Potter star Rupert Grint who loves to carve sculptures out of crayons.

Even though the adoration for coloured crayons and pencils is beyond any doubt, the most recent Crayola craze has seen them used to create bright and bold eyeliner. Indeed the web has become populated with tutorials suggesting the best way to utilise these pencils for make-up purposes instead of more conventional eyeliner.

Health Risk Warnings

However we learn that Crayola themselves has actually issued warnings about the health risks involved of using coloured pencils for this purpose. Whilst the non-toxic composition of Crayola products is widely known, this does NOT mean they are suitable for use in cosmetics!

What’s more, beauty experts have also highlighted the risks involved of using Crayola for this purpose highlighting how even non-toxic ingredients can cause significant irritation around the eyes. It can even lead to allergic reactions which range from bumps on the eyelid to pain and itchy eyes.

So whilst getting creative with these wonderful colouring crayons and pencils should certainly be encouraged to keep children of all ages entertained during the half-term holiday, using them as a lipstick, eyeliner or any other cosmetic purpose, certainly is not.



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