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Using Testimonials To Achieve Business Growth

Finding out and documenting what people who’ve actually purchased and used a company’s product or service thought of the experience can be a powerful and compelling method or stimulating further new business. That’s because differentiation from one offering and another is often difficult for a business to achieve.

Testimonials can be a cost effective, and unrivalled avenue for achieving business growth as they have immense credibility amongst opinion formers in a way that traditional marketing campaigns often fail to achieve.

Sceptical consumers

Whilst adverts and other marketing collateral can often be met with skepticism and even negativity, testimonials from existing customers and clients provide that peace of mind that can often be the clinching factor for prospective customers and clients often faced with a number of often similar offerings.

Testimonials build trust

Testimonials carry considerable weight as they are candid and unbiased accounts of (a hopefully) positive experience which can entice others to follow suit. Of course a less complimentary review of some sorts can be hugely damaging to a firms’ reputation and future prospects so having a refined product and service to shout about is vital before embarking on the testimonials route.

What makes a good testimonial?

Ideally the glowing endorsement of a firm’s product or service will include clear illustrations of the benefits and also in some way substantiate the claims made on a company website or via marketing campaigns.

Using testimonials effectively

Platforms such as Feefo are used by many of the world’s most trusted brands and enable glowing testimonials to be presented prominently on a firms’ website.

Value of Linkedin

As we’ve touched upon previously on the Post Office Shop blog, by promoting products and services on the company page of social networks like Linkedin, there is the opportunity for members of the professional network to recommend them. This serves as a method of word of mouth marketing which most importantly is free and also often effective!

It’s human nature that many of us are more likely to act upon a referral from a friend or relative rather than solely based on the claims of a marketing campaign. So having a visitors comments book on the premises plus gathering and populating a website with glowing recommendations is a strategy every small business owner needs to be mindful of implementing.

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