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Tackling Office Fatigue – It’s Time To Get Re-Energised At Work!

Research we were interested to note recently said that an alarming nine out of ten office workers admit to experiencing an energy slump in the afternoon – and a quarter of those questioned even admitted to falling asleep on the job because of it!

Referred to as ‘The Big Slump’, the energy dip experienced by the vast majority of Britain’s workforce is apparently most prevalent on a Wednesday, with the average slump lasting for 47 minutes.

So with the supposedly least productive time of the week almost upon us once again, we thought it would be wise to see how we can beat the slump!

According to personal trainer Oliver Gray who coaches staff in energy management, Britain’s workforce has bad habits in seven areas which need addressing:

  1. Mind management
  2. Nutrition
  3. Sleep
  4. Exercise
  5. Technology use
  6. Re-energising
  7. Work-life balance

Delving into some of these areas in more detail we learnt some great tips to create good energy levels throughout the working day…….

Mind management: Continually swapping tasks can make us 40% less productive so schedule important meetings or projects when energy levels are highest and ignore mundane emails and other distractions 

Nutrition: Cutting out the bad breakfast choices and carb-heavy lunches will improve energy levels. Try amaranth pops for breakfast combined with smoothies or porridge. Healthy eating and drinking in general leads to improved mental focus and performance plus an improved immune system

Sleep: Getting enough shut eye is critical as sleep helps to improve focus, memory and problem solving

Exercise: Movement in the office such as using stairs instead of the lift stops toxins building up around the muscles. Exercise at lunchtime will trigger the release of fatty acids for fuel boosting afternoon energy levels whilst even volunteering for the afternoon tea and coffee run can help!

Technology use: Constant time spent on the phone, iPad and laptop can leave us wired and burned out so try to take a break from these devices each day

Work life balance: Signing up for a charity event and persuading your colleagues to participate is a great way of boosting endorphins (happy hormones).

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