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Do You Struggle To Remember Your Passwords?

The much publicised heartbleed computer bug has led to many experts strongly recommending that all those online passwords we have should be changed to help ensure our security is not compromised.

What’s more we are strongly advised to make sure the ones we use should contain a long jumble of randomly generated letters and numbers ideally beyond the eight character wall as this will make the job of the hacker far harder. But how on earth could we be expected to remember something like that?

Let’s face it, many of us are very reluctant to change all the many passwords we have to remember in modern everyday life for fear of forgetting them which can lead to significant disruption to our daily routine.

However we have been warned that hackers can find out a lot about each and everyone of us these days from social media networks so whilst setting passwords containing family or pet names, locations we associate with, plus numbers which relate to our address or date of birth are far more logical and ingrained in our minds these are certainly not as robust from becoming hacked by thieves hence the advice to move beyond easy to remember ones.

The solution to remembering strong online passwords which can go a long way to providing peace of mind can be achieved if we associate each individual letter and number with a known or fixed item, using our own imagination throughout. Devising our own memory image words for each letter and number is critical to the success in remembering more complex passwords.

Religiously changing online passwords every six months and having multiple passwords is also strongly advised as logically if hackers compromise one system they won’t be able to access other accounts.

Of course it is very tempting to write down these complex passwords down on paper in notebooks until we are confident we can really remember them but this is strongly advised against and instead we should use a secure password vault on our mobile phones as required.

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