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Published on September 3rd, 2014 | by Sally Wenham

Stationery Art

Here at the Post Office Shop, we’re constantly trying to look for different and interesting ways to use stationery. So when we found out about these amazing artists using stationery to create works of art, we were incredibly excited!

Finnish designer Toumas Markunpoika has developed a pioneering way of creating vases from hundreds of pencils. The designer joins together a series of pencils by taking advantage of their hexagonal shape. Once the layers and basic shape have been formed, the pencils are then turned on a laithe to sculpt the sleek curves which characterise a vase.

The laithe process results in each vase having a cross section of the pencils throughout and provides a beautiful and unique pattern to every design.

It doesn’t stop there either! Margarita Mileva, a Bulgarian born architect now living in New York City, has been creating dresses out of thousands of rubber bands. She spends around 90 hours creating each of her very unique dresses. The process includes knotting, twisting and interlocking rubber bands together until the complete garment is assembled; at which point it will weigh around 10kg!

Now we move from rubber bands to paperclips. Pietro D’Angelo is an esteemed Italian sculptor based in Palermo who makes statues from paperclips. Rather than using paperclips for their traditional function, Mr D’Angelo creates intricate sculptures based around a wire frame.

Pietro Dangelo

Because paperclips are not a complex structure, they are incredibly pliable and therefore can be used to create realistic sculptures with flowing lines and curves. Taking advantage of this, D’Angelo manipulates the paperclips to illustrate humans performing various different tasks like playing the guitar and walking the dog!


Now we’ve been inspired by these truly beautiful works of art using office supplies, we’re off to have a go ourselves.

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