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St George’s Day Around the World

Occurring every year on the 23rd of April, St George’s Day celebrates the patron saint of England, St George. But did you know that St George has left his mark on other places throughout the world too?

It can be tough to remember every year that the 23rd of April is St George’s Day.

In fact, that could be because St George’s Day isn’t officially marked as a public holiday but instead as an observance which we usually celebrate with parades, dancing and other themed activities.

But whilst St. George is regularly referred to as the patron saint of England, you might not realise that he has in fact been the source of influence for other areas of the world too.

Read on to discover how other countries in the world have taken St. George into their hearts too!

St George’s Day Around the World

St. George in Malta


The island of Malta celebrates St George’s Day and the patron saint with several named landmarks and through parts of their history.

The aptly named St. George’s Bay can be found on the island and is surrounded by a large stretch of beach and several different restaurants, with some also using a nod to the patron saint in their names.

Malta used to be the original home of the order of the Knights of Saint John, whose job was to ensure the protection of pilgrims on their way to the Holy Land which gives reason as to why St. George’s Bay is so appropriately named.

St. George in Greece


It’s often thought that St. George was an Englishman but this couldn’t be further from the truth.

In fact, historians indicate that St. George was Greek, which could explain why Greece celebrates the patron saint and St George’s Day to the same extent as England does.

Along with England, St. George is also known as the patron saint of Greece and this is further shown by many towns within the country often bearing his name.

In fact, if you were to travel to Corfu, you would find two examples of this – the resorts of Aghious Georgios and the northern part of Aghious Georgios, which take their name from a church located in the area which is historically dedicated to St. George.

St. George in Florida


It might be odd to think that St. George spread his influence across to America but the name bestowed on one of the most popular beaches and locations in Florida indicates that he did.

Named St. George’s Island, this area in Florida contains a host of idyllic beaches and is used by many tourists and locals to escape the hectic pace of Florida’s mainland.

It is thought that the area can be traced back to being featured on some of the earliest maps created of the Gulf of Mexico and is likely to originate from the Spanish exploration and eventual settlement of the state of Florida.

St. George in Cyprus


In a very similar tribute to that made by Greece, Cyprus contains a resort within it which shares the name of Agios Georgios.

It is located near to the popular tourist location of Paphos, with the resort of Agios Georgios famously containing one of the best, well known fish restaurants available on the island.

Delving into history, it is known to have been a place of pilgrimage with the ruins of Basilicas and even a chapel named after the patron saint being uncovered there during the 1950s.

St. George in Romania


Much like Greece and Cyprus, Romania is another location in the world that continues to pay tribute to the patron saint St. George.

Within the country, there are several locations all which has been named in his honor such as Giurgiu, an area originally founded by Genoese merchants.

There is also Sfântu Gheorghe, which is regarded as one of the oldest cities within Transylvania and which took its name from the local church – the Church of St. George.

St. George in Belgium


One of the most notable ways to spot the wider influence of St. George within Belgium is by noting the name of one of its municipalities.

Saint-Georges-sur-Meuse is a small town situated in-between Huy and Liège. It has a population of just over 6,000, with many legends established as to how the town gained its name.

The most popular legend is that its name stems from the period in which Saint Ode built a Christian oratory which was specifically dedicated to St. George at some point during the 7th century.

St. George in England


Of course, the most likely place to find all manner of tributes and dedications to the patron saint of St. George is within England!

Whilst we celebrate St George’s Day each year, there are several landmarks and areas named after him too to help remember him by including:

St. George’s Chapel
• St. George’s University
• St. George’s Primary/Secondary School (various)
• St. George’s College
• St. George’s Square
• St. George’s Church (various)
• St. George’s Hall
• St. George’s Hospital
• St. George’s Cathedral

Whilst some of these tributes have been anointed by Royalty and by the Royal Family themselves, it’s not difficult to see why St George’s Day remains as a day to remember and celebrate for anyone living in England or in any of the places in the world we’ve mentioned.

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