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Published on December 6th, 2019 | by Sam Rose

Special Stamps Calendar for 2019

This article refers to the Special Stamps Calendar released by the Royal Mail in 2019.

To view Royal Mail’s Special Stamps Calendar for 2020, please click here.

Royal Mail have now released details behind their annual Special Stamps programme which forms the Special Stamps Calendar for 2019.

Now running for more than 50 years, the Royal Mail’s Special Stamps programme is dedicated to celebrating and commemorating important British events, milestones and culture. This year, each Special Stamps issue will showcase ‘The Best of British’ across a variety of different subjects and topics.

Remember that every Special Stamps issue will be available from the Post Office Shop once they have been released, so make sure you don’t miss out any monthly issues by regularly checking our Themed Stamps category on the Post Office Shop website.

Special Stamps Calendar for 2019

January – Stamp Classics

Stamp Classics Minisheet Image

Dedicated to the stamps significant during the six reigns of six of British monarchs, Stamps Classics celebrates the 150th anniversary since the founding of the Royal Philatelic Society. Each design has been crafted chronologically, beginning with the reign of Queen Victoria and concluding with Elizabeth II, who also officially opened the Postal Museum during her reign in 1969.

Read more about this fascinating issue in our recent blog article here.

February – Leonardo da Vinci

Leonardo The fall of light on a face stampLeonardo Head of a bearded man stampLeonardo Studies of cats stampLeonardo Head of Leda stamp

To put it simply, Leonardo da Vinci is a world subject. His drawings are universally recognised as among the most technically accomplished of any artist. The full collection of around 600 of his drawings at Windsor Castle is among the most important in the world and has been pre-eminent in the study of Leonardo for centuries.

In fact, one of the greatest collections of his work is owned by Her Majesty the Queen within the Royal Collection Trust, housed in the Royal Library at Windsor Castle. Some of his finest works housed within the Royal Collection have now been reproduced in an elegant issue of twelve Special Stamps.

Take a look at this thrilling new issue in our most recent blog article here

March – Marvel

Project Stanley Captain BritainProject Stanley Captain MarvelProject Stanley Iron ManProject Stanley Spider-man

Well this was certainly a surprise for many!

In what has gone on to become a global phenomenon and gigantic film/multimedia franchise, Marvel are now taking their boldest leap yet – into the world of stamps courtesy of Marvel Special Stamps from the Royal Mail!

Thrilling generations of fans since introducing its first comic strips in 1961, Marvel Comics has seen many talented and legendary creators weave the dramatic tales of some of Marvel’s greatest heroes and villains into the ever-expanding Marvel Multiverse including the likes of Stan Lee, Steve Ditko, Jack Kirby and the UK’s very own Alan Davis.

Learn more about each hero featured in this issue with our dedicated blog article here

April – Birds of Prey

Birds of Prey Special Stamps Peregrine Falcon StampBirds of Prey Special Stamps White-tailed Eagle StampBirds of Prey Special Stamps Kestrel StampBirds of Prey Special Stamps Red Kite Stamp

Wildlife themes are certainly one that appear regularly on Royal Mail’s Special Stamps Calendar every year and 2019 is no exception with their Birds of Prey Special Stamps issue!

Each wonderous bird in the esteemed Birds Of Prey Special Stamps collection has been photographed by renowned British photographer, Tim Flach within the International Centre for Birds of Prey based at Boulsdon House, Newent in Gloucestershire, with each bird attributed with its own personal name.

Find out more about each fascinating species featured in this new Birds of Prey Special Stamps release in our latest article here.

May – British Engineering

Raspberry Pi British Engineering Special StampsCatalytic Converter British Engineering Special StampsFalkrik Wheel British Engineering Special StampsMRI Scanner British Engineering Special Stamps

Devoted to remarkable advances in British Engineering, the British Engineering Special Stamps issue helps to celebrate the projects and creations which showcase and demonstrate the extraordinary range of engineering disciplines that British engineers work in and highlights the projects themselves.

Some of the innovations that are celebrated have won the prestigious MacRobert Award bestowed by the Royal Academy of Engineering, known as the UK’s most prestigious and longest running award for engineering innovation.

Take a look in detail at each invention featured in this inspiring release in our latest blog article here.

May – Queen Victoria Bicentenary

Head and Shoulders Portrait of Queen VictoriaThe Marriage of Queen Victoria and Prince AlbertPortrait of Queen Victoria Wearing the Robes of StateQueen Victoria As a Young Girl with Her Terrier

The second Special Stamps release to be issued in May is the Queen Victoria Bicentenary Special Stamps which celebrates the 200th anniversary of her birth.

It is no secret that 2019 marks two significant bicentenary events.

These are both the birth of both Queen Victoria and her husband, Prince Albert.

Queen Victoria’s reign is known as the second longest in British Royal history and the era which is named after her saw some dramatic, sweeping changes in social, political and economic aspects.

Travel through key moments of her time as Queen of England in our latest blog article here.

June – D-Day

D-Day British Soldiers Embarkation StampD-Day British Troops Take Cover StampD-Day HMS Warspite Support of Beach Landings Stamp

The next of the Special Stamps issues released towards the start of June is a poignant tribute to the brave soldiers who gave their lives during the historic D-Day landings and comes in the form of D-Day Special Stamps.

Six stamps have been issued as part of the historic and groundbreaking new issue, with each further highlighting the significant impact that the events of D-Day had on the outcome of World War Two.

Learn more about each of the thought provoking scenes featured in this stamp release in our latest blog article here.

July – Curious Customs

Curious Customs Cheese Rolling StampCurious Customs 'Obby 'Oss StampCurious Customs World Gurning Championship StampCurious Customs Burning the Clocks Stamp

Highly engaging and colourful illustrations adorn July’s special stamps issue, as we reach the midway point of Royal Mail’s Special Stamps releases with the Curious Customs Special Stamps.

This latest issue of eight special stamps celebrates the pride of often seemingly unusual customs that are carried out throughout the UK, featuring an eclectic mix of well-known and not so well-known events that take place in England, Scotland, Northern Ireland and Wales.

The UK has an incredibly rich heritage of some traditional and unusual customs and whilst some may seem eccentric to the outside observer, those who take part demonstrate great pride in upholding centuries-old traditions.

Take a trip through these old and new UK customs in our latest blog article here.

August – Forests

The Royal Mail is encouraging us to admire and gaze upon the beauty of nature within iconic woodlands for August’s entry in the Special Stamps Calendar for 2019 with the Forests Special Stamps release.

This issue of six stamps helps to truly capture the picturesque and inspirational views within the Forestry Commission and other related forests in the UK and intend to capture the character and variance in colour of these public woodlands.

Explore the extraordinary forests featured as part of this glorious celebration of the UK’s most recognisable forests and woodland environments in our latest blog article right here

September – Sir Elton John

Widely regarded as one of the UK’s greatest legends in the music industry, the Rocketman has now received his very own stamp tribute with the Sir Elton John Special Stamps issue!

These 8 special stamps designs feature artwork of his most famous and groundbreaking studio albums, charting both Sir Elton’s earlier years and more modern times of acclaim and further success as he has risen to become the revolutionary musical artist he is today.

Travel down the Yellow Brick Road and find out more about Captain Fantastic in our newest blog article here

September – Royal Navy Ships

September’s second Special Stamps issue has arrived in the form of Royal Mail’s fitting tribute to the Royal Navy in the form of a brand-new set of Royal Navy Ships Special Stamps!

The Royal Navy has a fascinating and decorated history which is fully represented in this exciting issues of 8 special stamps designs which features ships such as the Mary Rose which was launched in 1511 and the most recently commissioned ship, HMS Queen Elizabeth, which was launched in 2014.

Read our newest blog article here to discover how the Royal Navy became the strong naval power it is today and to learn more details on each of the prestigious ships included in this wonderous release.

October – The Gruffalo

Gruffalo A mouse took a stroll StampGruffalo Gruffalo crumble StampGruffalo All was quiet in the deep dark wood Stamp

The next to have been revealed in top-secret special stamps releases is October’s issue of Gruffalo Special Stamps!

Celebrating a landmark 20th anniversary of the popular children’s novel, The Gruffalo, the Royal Mail have commissioned a collection of six Gruffalo Special Stamps which retell the whimsical and thoroughly entertaining story of a Gruffalo, a mouse and predators of the forest in a chronological fashion.

View our newest blog article on this issue here to learn more about this classic tale and for a closer look at each stamp in detail from this enchanting release.

November – Christmas 2019

The wondrous story of the Nativity comes to life this year in the form of November’s Christmas 2019 Special Stamps issue!

With a central focus on the powerful connection between light and the Christmas season, each of these eight stamp designs has been based around the presence of light glowing warmly through layers of finely carved paper, illustrating key characters and themes relating to the Nativity story from a breathtaking new perspective.

Take a closer look at this stunning collection in our recent blog article here

November – Star Wars III

The Royal Mail’s final special stamps issue for 2019 is an intergalactic one in the form of Star Wars III Special Stamps!

This truly phenomenal new issue features a new set of 10 characters which helps to complete the now 30 stamp Star Wars collection that covers all three of Star Wars’ dramatic trilogies.

Each stamp design includes an original, exclusive illustration of key characters and have been effectively blended with background scenes taken directly from the Star Wars franchise in order to create a collection of truly striking and hyper-realistic montages.

Uncover which characters and locations are featured in this exciting final special stamps collection in our blog article here.

Christmas Stamps for 2019

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