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So What Does Your Signature Say About YOU?

The emergence of the digital landscape has reduced the need to put pen to paper and sign for things in many everyday situations.

Whilst technological advancements such as chip and pin, contactless payments and biometrics mean we are not required to provide a signature as frequently as before, we are nevertheless still required to sign on the dotted line from time to time. This is particularly the case when it comes to identity and licence declarations.

So the traditions of using signatures, which date all the way back to when the Romans did just that during the reign of Valentinian III in 439, are unlikely to be rendered completely insignificant anytime soon.

The study of handwriting

According to experts, the signature we use can give a fascinating insight into who we actually are. This is achieved via graphology, the study of handwriting which can identify our overall character, desires, abilities and experiences according to the latest research published by handwriting analysts.

So what does your signature say about you?

Here’s some common signature traits that give an insight into an individual’s personality:

Illegible letters = Quick mind, mental agility

Legible = Open and straightforward person

No underline = Prefers to let personal achievements speak for themselves

Underline = Sense of self importance

Sharp lines = Impatient and aggressive

Slant towards the right = Outgoing persona

No slant = Balanced

Nickname = Independent, confident in own abilities

Initials only = Private person

Pronounced capital letters = Strong sense of self-worth

No surname = Relaxed approach to business

Full stop = Strong character in business

Straight letters = Precise and meticulous attention to detail

Scribbled = Sharp intelligence and busy lifestyle

Highly stylised = Creative flair, likes to make a statement

Flamboyant first letter = Strives to make presence felt





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