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Published on September 4th, 2019 | by Sam Rose

Rocketman! Blast Off With Sir Elton John Special Stamps

Widely regarded as one of the UK’s greatest legends in the music industry, the Rocketman is receiving his very own stamp tribute with the Sir Elton John Special Stamps issue!

With the 50th anniversary of his very first album and marking the beginning of his final ever ‘Farewell Yellow Brick Road’ live music tour, the Royal Mail are paying tribute this September in a surprise release from the Special Stamps Calendar for 2019 with a set of Sir Elton John Special Stamps and other exciting collectibles!

It’s not difficult to understand how Sir Elton John has been able to firmly cement his place as a pioneer of music and entertainment.

Total sales of his records worldwide have been estimated to equal between £275m and £300m, making him one of the biggest selling music artists of all time.

Sir Elton also holds another record in the form of his widely acclaimed and world famous re-written and re-recorded version of ‘Candle in the Wind’, released in 1997 which remains to this day as the highest selling single since the charts began in the 1950s.

A Legendary Honky Cat

Not only is Sir Elton John the most successful artist of all time in the US charts after the Beatles and Elvis Presley, but Sir Elton has gone on to amass several high profile and prestigious awards throughout his yellow brick road laden career.

Sir Elton has achieved 38 gold and 27 platinum albums and has been awarded 12 Ivor Novelllos, 5 Grammys, 4 BRIT awards and an Oscar.

His magical influence has also spread to the silver screen over the years, with Sir Elton having wrote the award winning and much acclaimed soundtracks to the much-loved Lion King and Billy Elliot films.

Sir Elton John’s legendary status was further confirmed in 1998, after receiving a knighthood to recognise his gigantic contributions in the music industry and for his inspirational charity work after just previously receiving a CBE just two years prior.

Captain Fantastic – The Sir Elton John Special Stamps Collection

This Sir Elton John Special Stamps issue is presented as a series of 8 special stamps designs featuring artwork of his most famous and ground-breaking studio albums, charting both Sir Elton’s earlier years and more modern times of acclaim and further success as he has risen to become the revolutionary musical artist he is today.

1st Class – Honky Château

Sir Elton John Special Stamps Honky Chateau


Recorded in the Château d’Hérouville near Paris in France, Sir Elton’s first breakthrough album came in the form of Honky Château.

The album is home to one of Sir Elton’s most iconic and memorable chart hits in ‘Rocket Man’, a song which was composed on the morning of the very first day of recording.

Captain Fantastic Fact:

Only two tracks of a planned three were released as singles from Honky Château‘Rocket Man’ and ‘Honky Cat’.

The third track, ‘Hercules’, was prepared for release as a single, but this never materialised.

1st Class – Goodbye Yellow Brick Road


Considered by many as the album that saw Sir Elton reach the most artistic pinnacle of his career, Goodbye Yellow Brick Road is a double album masterclass featuring a string of eclectic ballads, upbeat anthems and traditional melodies.

It features crowd pleasing favourites such as ‘Candle in the Wind’, ‘Saturday Night’s Alright for Fighting’ and ‘Bennie and the Jets’.

Captain Fantastic Fact:

Goodbye Yellow Brick Road was originally planned to be recorded on the island of Jamaica.

However, due to several recording issues which cropped up during the creation of the album, the recording location had to be moved back to Château d’Hérouville and the album was remixed and overdubbed at Trident Studios in London.

1st Class – Caribou


The release of Caribou marked the fourth consecutive album to reach the number one spot in the US charts to have been created by Sir Elton John.

Potentially best known for the epic ‘Don’t Let the Sun Go Down on Me’, the Caribou album also features the strikingly atmospheric and eerie track titled ‘Ticking’, with its lyrics depicting the tense moments occurring during an armed siege in a bar.

Captain Fantastic Fact:

Sir Elton’s Caribou album is named after the Caribou Ranch Recording Studio based in Colorado in the United States, where part of the album was recorded.

The liner notes in the 1995 CD re-release claim the album was recorded in around 9 days!

1st Class – Captain Fantastic and The Brown Dirt Cowboy


Recorded to represent a recollection of the earlier years and the fruitful songwriting partnership between Sir Elton John and Bernie Taupin, Captain Fantastic and The Brown Dirt Cowboy was the first of several concept albums Sir Elton produced.

Most noticeably, this album featured the harrowing track ‘Someone Saved My Life Tonight’, a song created by Sir Elton which reflects on his attempted suicide attempt which took place in 1968.

Captain Fantastic Fact:

The cover art for the Captain Fantastic and The Brown Dirt Album was designed by pop artist Alan Aldridge.

Much of the design and imagery used was taken from the Renaissance painting ‘The Garden of Earthly Delights’ by Hieronymus Bosch.

£1.55 – Sleeping with The Past


After going through several hardships and developing some unhealthy habits as a result, Sir Elton’s Sleeping with The Past album was the final album recorded before he was forced into attending rehab.

The main themes of the album lend themselves as a tribute to much of the R‘n’B and Soul music that Sir Elton was inspired by in the 1960’s, with the notable track ‘Sacrifice’, helping him to achieve his first UK solo number one single.

Captain Fantastic Fact:

Sleeping with The Past was recorded at Puk Recording Studios in Randers, Denmark, with the album also being Sir Elton John’s best-selling album in the same country.

It is also dedicated to Sir Elton’s long-time song writing partner, Bernie Taupin.

£1.55 – The One


Featuring an album cover designed by the Italian fashion designer Gianni Versace, the lyrics of much of the music on The One surrounds the then unfolding AIDS crisis along with Sir Elton’s further personal issues with addiction.

After his time spent at rehab, this album was the comeback of a now clean and sober Sir Elton John, bringing more mature themes and a re-established sound to much of Sir Elton’s musical workings.

Captain Fantastic Fact:

The One is Sir Elton John’s last studio album to feature his signature Roland RD-100 digital piano.

Shortly after the album was released, Sir Elton started to play a Yamaha Disklavier piano which was then the piano which featured on the albums that followed.

£1.55 – Made in England


Made in England continued much of the mature mood and broodier lyric writing seen in The One, with only the upbeat attitude of the title track seemingly out of place yet perfect to break up much of the other tracks featured on the album.

Reflecting on aging and growth, the album helps Sir Elton to provide his insights on both the positives and negatives of this thought-provoking part of society and was largely recorded live in a studio.

Captain Fantastic Fact:

The track ‘Please’ which features on the Made in England album has been covered by the bluegrass singer Rhonda Vincent and country legend Dolly Parton.

Their cover was used for a tribute album released in 2018 called Restoration: Reimagining the Songs of Elton John and Bernie Taupin.

£1.55 – Songs from The West Coast


Sir Elton John once remarked that the album Songs from the West Coast was “going backwards to go forwards”, something that perfectly describes the more positive and warmer sounds of this release.

Returning to his great love for more upbeat tempo driven music and lighter sides of lyricism, much of the tracks on the album could easily be compared to much of his work produced in the 1970s and as a result, has said to offer both his and Taupin’s strongest collection of songs in recent years.

Captain Fantastic Fact:

The backdrop for the album cover for Songs from The West Coast is of the famous Rae’s Restaurant in Santa Monica, Los Angeles.

It is frequently used for many film shoots in the Los Angeles area, having already been used for the 1993 release ‘True Romance’ and the 2005 film ‘Lords of Dogtown’.

Jump Up for the Sir Elton John Special Stamps Presentation Pack and Other Collectibles!

The Sir Elton John Special Stamps Presentation Pack contains a full set of these 8 historic album designs which help to celebrate Sir Elton John’s illustrious career in the music and entertainment industry.

Supplied in this neatly presented package is a Miniature Sheet which has been composed by Alexis Petridis, a writer for both The Guardian and for GQ Magazine.

This colourful and striking package helps to further explore the journey that Sir Elton John has taken to become one of the biggest selling and most influential music artists of all time along with the musicians who inspired him and his partnership with the lyricist Bernie Taupin.

Written next to each design is a well-presented overview of each album it belongs to and a brief look at Sir Elton’s often troubled personal life, placed upon an extravagant pink and purple themed backdrop, perfectly aligned with Sir Elton’s often exuberant and quirky personality.

Sir Elton John Special Stamps Main Article Image

Other collectibles included as part of the Sir Elton John Special Stamps issue are:

A Stamp Card Pack containing the eight designs based on Sir Elton John’s albums in full-framed detail.

A Postage Stamp Book including one ‘Goodbye Yellow Brick Road’ First Class Special Stamp and one ‘Captain Fantastic and The Brown Dirt Cowboy’ First Class Special Stamp along with four First Class Definitives.

A range of Framed Stamp Sets presented in an assortment of authentic and handmade designs.

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