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Seeking Office Printer Efficiency

Though talked about for the past 40 years, the paperless office seems somewhat of a myth. Look no further than the prevalence of mono laser printers, colour laser printers and colour inkjet printers in offices everywhere providing proof of that.

It was in an article in BusinessWeek way back in the summer of 1975 that many commentators of that time predicted that paper would become virtually non-existent in the modern day office of here and now. But such thoughts and opinions seem somewhat misplaced even if our paper consumption has changed over time.

Indeed printing, copying and scanning will certainly still rank amongst the most common office overheads for most companies but how many businesses actually choose the most relevant office printer to match their needs?

Printing quantity considerations

If a requirement for printing thousands upon thousands of pages each month remains imperative, then a traditional laser printer is certainly the preferred choice compared to inkjet printers bearing in mind the average printing speed of 28 pages per minute (laser) versus 15 pages per minute (inkjet).

Factoring in print quality required

However, what inkjet printers lack in print speed compared to their laser counterparts, they certainly make up for in terms of print quality capability. Indeed Inkjets can produce outstanding colour graphics and therefore photo quality prints as required.

Double vision

Be it laser or inkjet printers used in the office, having the foresight to use default double-sided printing settings provide significant cost savings as well as environmental benefits which are all too easy to ignore. In addition, low-power and sleep mode options are often overlooked when they can in fact also reduce energy consumption.

Ink-conservative fonts

Whilst the widely-used Arial font (size 11) has a 4.97% paper coverage, this compares to 3.54% for Times Roman font (size 11) and 3.45% when using Century Gothic font (size 10). Therefore using fonts like Century Gothic as standard which uses the least amount of ink is certainly worthy of consideration.

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