Published on December 17th, 2014 | by Sally Wenham

Secret Santa: Comedic Or Conscientious?

As Christmas draws ever closer, offices around the nation will be participating in the tradition of Secret Santa; where gifts are purchased anonymously for colleagues and workmates. The anticipation begins when the names are drawn out of a hat, and then comes the big question; does the recipient chosen get a joke present or something thoughtful?

Secret Santa has stemmed from the tradition of giving gifts at Christmas time in order to simplify the gift giving process. Generally, all participants’ names are placed into a hat and then each chooses a name at random for which they have to purchase a gift.

Of course, dependent on how well the person drawn is known by the participant the actual choosing of a gift can prove simple or incredibly difficult. This then results in the decision whether to go for the safe option and purchase a bottle of wine or box of chocolates, or to take a risk and purchase something that they may, or indeed may not like.

Some will consider Secret Santa the perfect opportunity to have a laugh and a joke with colleagues whereas others will invest a considerable amount of time into choosing the perfect gift choice for their Secret Santa recipient.

Does the choice of Secret Santa gift depend on the management level of the recipient? Would the gift for a fellow team member be the same for the department manager? Would the obligatory gift budget be stretched slightly to select an appropriate gift for someone from higher management?

Of course, Secret Santa is not only exclusively for work environments. Due to the benefits of having a fixed price limit and the air of mystique attached to receiving a gift, Secret Santa is becoming increasingly popular amongst families too.

If your Secret Santa recipient has a particular hobby or interest, then this is a great way to get a present which they will love. Here at the Post Office Shop, we have the perfect gifts for the beginner stamp collector, the avid artist, the big kid at heart, a keen traveller and even the most fashion conscious of people.

We also have a range of Stocking Fillers which would make the ideal Secret Santa gift. How about  a playing card set, a classic Paddington Bear mug or LEGO Pencil Sharpener to ensure Secret Santa gift is  a memorable one this Christmas?

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