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Published on January 23rd, 2014 | by admin

Do You Seal Your Envelopes?

We have been learning that there is a significant problem reported by sorting offices whereby a number of people do not stick down envelopes which leads to thousands of cards and letters becoming damaged each day.

The Letter Box Study Group (LBSG) has also highlighted the issue. Someone on their messageboard recently stated: “I’ve spent quite a lot of time dealing with ripped envelopes at work this month, modern sorting machinery doesn’t like them being unsealed!”

So with this seemingly being quite a pressing issue, why you might ask, would someone refuse to seal their envelope?

According to the LBSG, the habit may relate back to the time when it was cheaper to send unsealed ones. We have discovered that way back in 1892 the Printer Paper Rate was introduced which enabled newspapers, pamphlets and circulars to be sent at the reduced price of one halfpenny.

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Envelopes were sent unsealed to allow checkers to ensure that the regulations were observed or an additional charge applied. Sealed envelopes were surcharged.

A concessionary rate for unsealed envelopes applied until these rules were then abolished after the introduction of first and second class post on 16th September in 1968.

So, as a hangover from a bygone era, this might well be one plausible explanation as to why unstuck envelopes are still prevalent in modern sorting offices up and down the country.

But perhaps equally as relevant as a reason for the problem of unsealed envelopes may simply be down to forgetfulness, laziness or even some people not liking the taste of glue on gummed envelopes as opposed to the peel and seal envelope and self seal envelope varieties.

So, if it applies to you for any reason, we recommend you make a conscious effort to seal all your mail properly. You’ll have peace of mind that your mail will arrive in one piece and you will also be doing your postie a favour too!


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