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How Can You Save Precious Time In Your Day?

When it comes to the working day, I’m sure everyone would agree that every single minute counts. How often do you overhear someone on the office say ‘I’m just killing time’ to a colleague? I thought so, ‘no’ is almost certainly the answer, in fact it’s usually quite the opposite!

We’re all trying to eek out more time in a days work to get through that ‘to do’ list seeking a better work life balance wherever possible instead of burning the midnight oil. But just how productive do we feel we actually are? Some research we found on the subject revealed that the average employee apparently does just four hours of productive work a day. Sound familiar?

Presuming most of us could be more productive at work in one way or another, what practical steps can we take to resolve the issue? Here’s five handy tips of advice we think will certainly help:


Organising your workstation seems a logical place to start. How many documents and folders have remained untouched for months or even years that you haven’t needed to make reference to which obscure that vital piece of paper you thought had disappeared? Now’s the time for a clear out! There is probably a layer of dust and dirt on those untouched documents and folders so keep cleaning wipes to hand as you go. Filing and archiving non –essential documents and folders which are taking up valuable space will also help ensure you stay clutter free moving forward too.


With the weekend approaching the last thing anyone wants to focus on is the Monday morning after but being prepared for the working week ahead is an absolute must! Notebooks and notepads are the ideal solution for listing all those key tasks for when you set foot back in the office after the weekend  and will ensure you hit the ground running and might even help lessen those Monday morning blues too! Once you’re in the habit of making a to do list on a Monday, keep it updated throughout the week and where possible try to include time slots to get tasks completed – this will add some structure to your day.


Sometimes that ever growing inbox of emails and calls can be an unwanted distraction to working through vital tasks. To aid concentration, consider switching out of the inbox until you can tick that action off the list and then download and reply to emails later on. In the same way why not turn the phone to answer machine?


Don’t get bogged down with colleagues and clients asking for updates on projects, instead use project management tools like Basecamp which automatically keep everyone else informed on what’s happening. It should mean less face to face meetings and fewer distractions to enable you instead to keep focused on the more pressing tasks at hand!


If you’re desk based, run your PC with two screens – then you can use two applications at the same time, the improvement in efficiency will amaze you. Then reduce keystrokes by familiarising yourself and getting in the habit of regularly using shortcuts available on every day applications such as Excel.

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