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The Rise In ‘Parentpreneur’ Businesses

The notion of starting and running a business as a means of earning a living whilst bringing up children isn’t as far fetched as it once was. This is in part due to the increased feasibility of working from home in the modern age where we have an abundance of technology gadgets at our finger tips.

Raising children in parallel with growing a fledgling business can be a very rewarding prospect yet does require some careful planning and thought first. For example who will look after the kids during the school holidays if there are important meetings or networking events to attend?

So be it someone thinking of starting a business after a recent addition to the family, or an existing business owner with a child on the way, we thought we would share some tips on how to make parenting and entrepreneurship mutually beneficial:

Designate a time for family each day

Wherever possible, set aside a time of the day where family is together without any work distractions or interruptions getting in the way. Consider the slots in a day where children need to come first wherever possible, for example taking and collecting them from school, and reading to them before bedtime.

Identifying and calling upon outside help

It is somewhat inevitable that there will be occasions when some assistance will be required in order to successfully juggle both responsibilities. Ideally a ‘parentpreneur’ will have a close knit family around them but this is certainly not always the case. Childcare of some form, whether it be a family member, supportive friend, nanny or nursery is vital at times when the demands of a business are all consuming.

Learn and master the art of multi-tasking

Any successful ‘parentpreneur’ will have to ‘wear many hats’ on any given day to thrive. So having a flexible attitude and willingness to multi-task will often be a necessity. Be it due to a demanding client or customer with a tight deadline, it is likely the office or kitchen at home will often be strewn with reminders on Post-it notes that need dealing with.

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