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Recreating Dinosaurs On Canvas

Considering that they dominated the landscape for 160 million years it’s easy to understand why dinosaurs continue to fascinate us. Indeed more than 20 different types of dinosaurs were found in these shores going way back to around 230 million years ago.

The study of all these prehistoric animal traits have been recreated in several films including ‘Dinosaurs The Movie’ as well as ‘Jurassic Park’ illustrating the traits of these creatures. But as well as bringing dinosaurs to life via the big screen, we learn that there have been a whole host of paleoartists since the 1830’s who have depicted many of these genera on canvas. One of the most influential paleoartists of the early 20th century was Charles R. Knight (1874-1953).

Hailed as ‘one of the great popularisers of the prehistoric past’, the works of American artist Charles R. Knight have appeared widely in a whole host of encyclopedias and textbooks and he is also remembered for his extensive array of mural and sculpture creations. In fact some of his illustrations have appeared in museums around the world. For instance in the American Museum of Natural History, a number of his works of art illustrating prehistoric creatures are on display.

Closer to home, and visiting the Natural History Museum in London over the summer holidays is the ideal time to discover more about these fascinating creatures.  As well as hundreds of specimen displays, including four moving animatronic dinosaurs, the world-renowned gallery is a wealth of information about many of these creatures including the Stegosaurus, Tyrannosaurus, Diplodocus, Coelophysis and Triceratops.

The Natural History Museum is also holding a number of Dino Snores sleepover events this autumn whereby children can experience dinosaurs in the dark as the pre-historic era is re-created at night time. Activities include a torch-lit trail, a live show about many of the creatures’ characteristics and traits as well as an opportunity for children to create their own dinosaur themed t-shirt.

When it comes to dinosaur illustrations, it’s handy to know that here at the Post Office Shop we stock a dinosaurs canvas print depicting the time when creatures including the Iguanodon, Baryonyx, Polacanthus and Ornithocheirus all roamed the land way back in time.

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