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Are You Ready To Go Green At Work Next Week?

Next Monday will mark the start of Green Office Week which aims to encourage employers to take a more eco-friendly approach to the workplace.

This is in fact the sixth Green Office Week which aims to raise awareness that everyone can make a real difference to go green by being encouraged to adopt the ‘3Rs approach into their daily lives’, these being reduce, reuse and recycle.

Here at the Post Office Shop we conducted our own green survey recently exploring the green habits of Britons at home and at work. We found that 57% of Brits contribute to eco-friendly efforts at work as well as at home which is somewhat encouraging.

The fact there is a commitment to implement the ‘3R’ approach is confirmed by the fact that we discovered only 14% of people say they don’t place any importance on their employer’s green efforts. And Hopefully Green Office Week can change the perceptions of this minority too!

We also noted from our poll though that 59% of respondents thought their employer could do more to go green.

So what are some of the simplest actions we can actually take to ultimately create a more sustainable environment? We can all help reduce waste by trying to buy green office products made from recycled materials we regularly use in the office such as notepads and envelopes.

As the organisers of Green office Week, Avery has recognised that adopting an eco-friendly approach can actually enhance competitiveness in the marketplace too via leaner, greener working practices. This is consistent with results from our poll which found that 60% of Brits take a businesses’ green efforts into consideration when shopping and one in five shoppers say that a company’s eco-friendliness is indeed their main priority when deciding where to shop.

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