Published on June 27th, 2014 | by Sally Wenham

Are You Ready For Camera Day?

With the summer holidays fast approaching, one of those essential items we always pack for a trip away without fail is the camera to capture all those special moments we want to treasure.

Perhaps to some extent we take for granted the fact that digital cameras produce instantaneous photos we can review, edit and re-take where necessary, a far cry from film cameras of the past. First available to buy in 1989, the emergence of the digital camera came at a very similar time as the standardisation of the JPEG and MPEG image and video files we are all familiar with today.

Coinciding with the popularity of social media networks, photography seems to have become even more important in our everyday lives than ever before. This is borne out by the current trend for self-portraits commonly referred to as ‘selfies’. Perhaps the advancements in technology have also made us vain and acutely aware of our own appearance like never before.

Be it a standalone camera or built into a smartphone, where would we without a trusty camera? The technology has certainly moved on from humble beginnings when French inventor Joseph Niepce first invented the camera way back in 1825.

Taken from the Latin word for ‘dark chamber’, camera obscura which was the earliest known method of projecting images from which the camera then evolved.

However it is the work of George Eastman at Kodak who, in 1885 enhanced the functionality of the camera who is remembered as ‘The Father of Photography’.

Flickr and Instagram are particularly popular platforms for showcasing all those creative snaps these days. So whilst checking that the camera intended for an imminent trip away is all in working order and that you have enough spare memory for all those new shots in the form of a memory card, why not dig out the manual and explore ways to enhance those pictures.

Whilst on those travels this summer it certainly also remembering that the point of interest should be the sharpest part of the image and whether you use a zoom function or not, it is important to eliminate unnecessary or unwanted elements from the intended picture.

Whether its natural outdoor light or indoor lighting, it is also vital to make sure the light enhances your subject rather than detracts from it. Remember too that it is important to alter theshutter speeddepending on the light conditions, and whether the object is moving or stationary.

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