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Published on August 31st, 2017 | by Michelle Roper-Shaw

Rare Twelve Sided Pound Coins

Rare new twelve-sided pound coins are changing hands for up to £250. So how do you know if you have one worth more than its face value?

The new twelve-sided pound coin was launched in March 2017. Whilst it was heralded as the most secure coin ever, some anomalies have been found.

In fact, whilst there are now over one billion new twelve sided coins in circulation, 200,000 are thought to be worth up to 250 times their face value.

Only in July, a new twelve-sided £1 coin showing two different dates was discovered and covered in our article Rare New Pound Worth £3000 Found.

How to Spot a Rare Pound Coin

Here are some of the errors to look for when you check the change in your pocket.

Die Errors

The new pound coin, just like the £2 coin is bi-metallic. In other words, it features an outer “gold coloured” nickel-brass band with an inner “silver coloured” cupro-nickel disc. During production, errors may surface where the dies misalign.

Rotation Errors

Again, due to the bi-metallic design, rotation errors are something to look out for. The floral crown and the Queen’s head should sit directly above the new bevelled edge. If these designs are not aligned correctly, you have a valuable coin in your hand.

Trial Coins

Before the new twelve sided £1 was officially launched, 200,000 coins were sent to retailers for testing. These “trial coins” are not classed as legal tender and are now being sold on auction sites, such as eBay for a couple of hundred pounds.

Previously, when the £2 coins were launched back in 1994, trial coins were also introduced and are now the most sought after coins amongst numismatics.

Valuable Proofs

Proof coins are pre-production samples, produced to a higher standard than those in general circulation. Silver proof, silver proof piedfort and gold proof coins always popular with serious collectors and these versions of the twelve-sided £1 coin are no exception.

Confusion Over the Old and New £1 Coin

The old round pound is no longer legal tender from 15th October 2017. However, this week it has been revealed that over half of the coins being returned to be decommissioned are actually the new twelve-sided coins.

Around £1.3 billion round pound coins are still in circulation, so check behind your sofa and piggy bank. Again, you may have a rare coin so, check out our article Check the Round £1 Coin in Your Pocket for a list of the most sought after old £1 coins.

Collectible Coins at the Post Office Shop

Nations of the Crown Brilliant Uncirculated £1 Coin

Nations of the Crown Brilliant Uncirculated £1 Coin

If you are a keen numismatic, the Post Office Shop has a unique collection of Collectible Coins, including Brilliant Uncirculated coins, Silver Proof coins and Coin Covers.

For the latest releases, including the Beatrix Potter 150th Anniversary series, see our New Arrivals selection, whilst stocks last.

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