Collectibles rare twelve sided pound worth £3000

Published on July 12th, 2017 | by Michelle Roper-Shaw


Rare New Pound Coin Worth £3000 Found

Over the past few months we have been telling you to check your change. This week another lucky find has been made by a window cleaner in Hull.

The new twelve sided £1 coin shows two different dates. One side has 2016 printed on it whilst 2017 is printed in micro-inscriptions on the reverse.

Richard Bird, the lucky finder of this coin is a keen coin collector, or numismatic, to give the proper name. He says he has looked through around £80,000 worth of change and has a coin collection worth around £15,000.

Royal Mint have confirmed that the coin is genuine and are currently investigating how it entered circulation.

Bird’s interest in coins began last year when he purchased some of the coins from the Beatrix Potter 150th Anniversary coin collection. The Peter Rabbit coin in this collection is now selling on auction sites for £350.

This latest find follows a mule 2p coin worth £2,000 being found in May this year. In our article A Rare Lucky 2p Find, we told you about the delivery driver who discovered this valuable coin in this change.

Billionth New £1 Coin Enters Circulation

This week, the billionth new twelve-sided pound coin entered circulation. As we enter mid-July, there are now more new £1 coins in circulation than the old round pounds.

On 15th October 2017, the old round pound will no longer be legal tender. However, there is still time to Check the Round £1 Coin in Your Pocket. Just like the new 12 sided £1 coins, you may find a coin featuring one of the rarest designs of these old-style coin.

Coin Collectibles at the Post Office Shop

Beatrix Potter Peter Rabbit 50p

Various collectible Coins to commemorate historical events and anniversaries are available at the Post Office Shop. Included in this selection are the Beatrix Potter 150th Anniversary coins and other collectibles.

In addition, if you are a keen numismatic, take a look at the latest New Arrivals to add to your collection.

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