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Published on May 16th, 2017 | by Michelle Roper-Shaw

A Rare, Lucky 2p Find

Sometimes the change in your pocket may be worth more than you think. A lucky delivery driver recently found that a rare 2p coin worth £2,000.

In recent weeks, we have asked, Do You Have a Rare 50p Worth £100? We’ve urged you to Check the Round £1 Coin in Your Pocket. Also, just last week we advised you to Get Rid of Your Old Fivers and Check Your New £1 Coins.

So, what was so unusual about this 2p to make its value £2,000? Well, its colour was silver rather than bronze.

A Mule Coin

Known in numismatics as a “mule coin”, this 2p was put in circulation in error by the Royal Mint.

A mule coin is one where the coin has been struck with the incorrect dies. The name takes its name from the animal which is half horse, half donkey, or to put it more succinctly, half one thing and half another.

For numismatists, a mule coin is much sought after. David Allan, the delivery driver who found this most recent mule coin in Portsmouth is looking to sell his rare 2p to a collector.

It isn’t the first time that mule coins have been circulated by the Royal Mint. In 2009, a batch of around 100,000 20p coins were released without a date. Today, these 20p coins fetch approximately £100 each.

In 1983, a small batch of 2p coins were released with the words “New Pence” instead of “Two Pence”. These coins are now worth £500 to £700 each, depending on their condition.

The Most Valuable British Coin

gold double leopard coin

However, these really are just small change when compared with the most expensive British coin.  The gold double leopard was minted during the reign of Edward III way back in 1344. In 2006, one of only the three coins in existence sold at auction for £460,000.

Collectible Coins at the Post Office Shop

Whilst the chances of finding a rare mule coin are slim, for numismatics there are plenty of collectible Coins available at the Post Office Shop. Add some new pieces to your Collectibles collection today.


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