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Productivity Levels At Home vs The Office

A recent survey we’ve read here at the Post Office shop claims that UK workers feel less productive when working at home than they do at the office.

Research findings suggest that three quarters of British employees feel they achieve less working remotely than when they’re sitting in an office environment. This is clearly a significant issue to address bearing in mind that it is suggested 40 per cent of employees work from home either full time or part-time.

The combination of portable laptops and tablets plus other computing accessories we use in our daily working lives make working remotely easier than ever. And this is complimented by the widespread availability of WiFi facilities in public places including coffee shops and cafes which has further emphasised the notion of working away from the office.

However, it seems there are many obstacles to productive remote working that might explain why employees often feel they can’t work as effectively at home as they can when surrounded by colleagues. The temptation to undertake mundane domestic chores, speak to family and friends or make a dash to the shops to buy some groceries are just some of the obvious distractions that mean many of us seemingly tend to get more done at the office than at home.

We’ve highlighted this issue in a previous article and provided some suggestions to help mitigate these concerns including altering the working location, spending time away from the screen and adopting an office mentality in order to avoid such potential distractions.

Clearly discipline and self-motivation will mean such distractions can probably be overcome with a little change of mindset. What’s more, handy tools like Cloud Services and other online collaboration devices mean the notion of working from home as efficiently as in the office, should, in theory at least, be a plausible option for many of us in future.



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