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How Productive Is Your Office?

Thanks to technology the answer is probably that it’s far more productive than it ever was in the past, and in fact FIVE times higher than it was in the 1970’s! And the good news is that it could increase by a further 22% by 2020.

According to a recent study, technologies such as the mobile phone, email and business software mean the average worker is now far more productive than they were during the 1970’s – an era remembered for strikes, electricity shortages and the three day working week.

We can all take comfort from the fact that office worker productivity per hour is now 84 per cent more than it was forty years ago if research by 02 Business and the Centre for Economics and Business Research is to be believed.

An analysis of working practices for each decade since the 1970’s has highlighted the significance of milestone technological advancements such as the launch of the mobile phone (1985), Microsoft Windows 3.0 (1990), dial up internet (1992), and Google (1998).

It’s somewhat mind boggling to think that in 1980, a gigabyte of hard disk space cost £120,000 in today’s money, yet the current cost today is about 5p!

So technological advancements have certainly increased productivity and also contributed to an improved work-life balance enabling flexible and remote working but are we actually working HARDER? It seems likely the answer there might be affected by the weather!

As we head into the winter season, apparently lousy weather is potentially positive for business performance – even if getting out of bed in the morning seems more of a challenge!

An in-depth study undertaken by the Harvard Business School into how weather relates to worker efficiency: “Rainmakers: Why Bad Weather Means Good Productivity” claims that an increase in rain and colder weather leads to a decrease in time it takes workers to complete tasks.

Citing the distraction that is created by the temptation to pursue outside activities when it’s warm and sunny, it’s clear that a ‘summer brain drain’ phenomenon may mean we get our best work done in the winter months. However, on the flip side, we often also hear about the Seasonal Affective Disorder (SAD) which is claimed can lead to workers becoming less productive when there is a lack of sunshine.

So what’s the answer to increased office productivity? A bright colour scheme is certainly thought to help and whilst we can’t help on that front when it comes to the general workplace surroundings, we do sell a range of office supplies sure to brighten up your day.

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