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Published on December 1st, 2014 | by Sally Wenham

Post Office Shop Introduces LEGO®

The Post Office Shop is proud to announce that we are now stocking a selection of stationery related LEGO® products. In light of this exciting news, we thought that we would provide you with a brief history about the iconic brand.

The word LEGO comes from the amalgamation of the two Danish words “Leg Godt” which means play well. The group was founded by Danish carpenter Ole Kirk Christiansen in 1932 and originally began manufacturing wooden toys. Plastic toys have been manufactured by the LEGO group since 1947 with an ever expanding product range.

In 1949 the original version of the brick was produced under the name ‘Automatic Locking Bricks’. The brick was designed to interlock together securely without requiring excessive force to separate the pieces from one and other. There were two versions of the brick produced, one with four studs and then a larger brick with eight studs. The bricks were manufactured from cellulose acetate in an injection moulding machine.

Since the 1950’s the LEGO group has manufactured and released thousands of sets with a variety of themes. Some of these products include town and city, space, robots, pirates, trains, Vikings along with licensed themed film sets including Star Wars, Indiana Jones and Harry Potter. To the present day, around 560 billion parts have been produced.

Building upon its successful selection of toys and games that have an enduring appeal for children, there has even been the LEGO Movie.  What’s more, there are also six LEGO theme parks located in Billund, Denmark which was opened in 1968, the second in Windsor, England which was opened in 1996, the third in Carlsbad, California which opened in 1999, the fourth in Günzburg, Germany which opened in 2002, the fifth in Winter Haven, Florida, opened in 2011 and the sixth in Nusajaya, Malaysia which was officially opened in 2012.

Included within the range of products available at the Post Office Shop, we have a boxed stationery set, a pencil case shaped as a brick and a variety of LEGO themed retractable ball pens. So now you’ve built up some knowledge of the LEGO brand, why don’t you take a look at the range of LEGO stationery items we have available?

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