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Post-It Notes, what have you done with yours?

Testament to their wide appeal for use in any office environment and beyond, Post-It Notes have become one of the most well-known and admired brands in the world, perfect for keeping ‘To Do’ lists, taking notes at meetings, bookmarking and posting reminders on vertical surfaces.

Confirmation of this universal appeal is borne out by the fact that Post-It Notes are one of those instantly recalled proprietary eponyms that slip off the tongue to refer to generic sticky notes in the same way that Hoover (vacuum), Vaesline (petroleum jelly), Lycra (nylon spandex) and Sellotape (adhesive tape) are amongst brands to have achieved the same recognition.

So how is it that the Post-It Note has become such a stationery must-have item? The creation of Post-It Notes began in 1968 when Dr Spencer Silver discovered a unique, repositionable adhesive whilst he was working as a Senior Scientist in 3M’s Corporate Research Lab.

However it wasn’t until 1980 that Post-It Notes were first released and word soon spread with office users giving universal approval to this innovative, adhesive stationery product. Over time the brand has evolved and now boasts an impressive 600 unique products.

To start to explain the appeal and to prove just how durable and long lasting the adhesive of a Post-It Note can be, during an experiment a note clinging to the nose of a plane on a flight from Las Vegas to Minneapolis survived speeds of 500 miles per hour and sub zero temperatures to remain intact!

Apparently it would take over 506 million Post-It Notes to circle the world once, and while they haven’t achieved total world domination they are nevertheless now apparently sold in more than 100 countries worldwide.

And it is not just the everyday office environment where it has its uses, on more than one occasion the tried and trusted Post-It Note has become an internet phenomenon! One such example that sticks in the memory (sorry for the pun!) and amongst our favourites, is the story of a Colorado man who proposed to his girlfriend when he wrote ‘I love You’ on 8,000 Post-It notes. He used them to wallpaper his girlfriend’s front room and then scribed ‘will you marry me?’ by pasting brightly-coloured Post-It Notes over the top. How very romantic!

There’s clearly a love for Post-It Notes, so we can expect them to stick around for some time to come.

Photo courtesy of Deanna Beutler

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