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Published on October 26th, 2017 | by Michelle Roper-Shaw

Pinata Trick or Treat

Halloween is now less than a week away. So now is the time to plan your trick or treat activities including making your own Halloween Party piñata.

If you’re getting ready for a Halloween Party, there are plenty of sweets and party catering essentials at the Post Office Shop. So, eat, drink and be scary!

The Ghoulish World of Haribo

Haribo Giant Sour Suckers Tub

Haribo sweets should be the top treat for any ghostly gathering.  Here are some of our favourite trick or treat sweets to eat:

Pack of 100 Haribo Starmix 20g Minibags Whether you are hosting a Halloween themed party or want to make sure all the Trick or Treat visitors don’t go empty handed, these mini bags include all your Haribo favourites – fried eggs, jelly rings, love hearts, gummy bears and cola bottles. Yum!

Pack of 100 Haribo Tangfastics 20g Minibags Leave a sour taste in the mouth with some oh-so moreish Tangfastics! A delicious mix of sour cherries, cola bottles and dummies, to name but a few, can be found in every mini bag.

Haribo Giant Sour Suckers Tub contains 60 sour sugar coated large dummy sweets in various fruity flavours. Each tub includes 60 sweets and so there are plenty to go around. These delicious sweets would be ideal to include in a Halloween Party Piñata.

Fancy making one? Simply follow these instructions below.

A Halloween Party Piñata

Halloween Party Piñata

Piñatas bring fun to any party, and Halloween is no exception. They are also fun to make and the whole family can get involved. This ghoulish ghost piñata will make sure your Halloween festivities go with a bang.

What You Will Need

A balloon

Newspaper, torn into strips

PVA glue and water (3 parts glue to one part water mixed well)

A needle

A pair of scissors

Selection of Halloween sweets such as Haribo Giant Happy Cherries

White paint

White tissue paper

Black Felt, or a Black Marker Pen like a Sharpie

A piece of string


Blow up the balloon and tie to secure.

Dip the strips of newspaper in the glue/water mix and lay onto the surface of the balloon. (This will form the ghost’s head).

Continue until the balloon is fully covered.

Leave to dry for a few hours and then add a further layer of newspaper strips to the balloon, then leave overnight to dry.

The next day, get a needle and pop the balloon.

Cut a small hole in the back of the ghost’s head and place your sweets inside. Then, cover the hole with strips of glue and newspaper and leave to dry.

Once dry, paint the newspaper surface with white paint and again, leave to dry.

Take 3 or 4 sheets of white tissue paper and glue them to the base of the head to make the ghost’s floaty body.

Cut several of sheets of white tissue paper into strips and glue these horizontally from the head base and work your way upwards.

To finish the head, cut a circle of tissue paper and glue onto the top of the head.

If you are using black felt, cut out two eyes, a nose and a mouth and glue onto the ghost’s head. Alternatively create the ghoulish face using a black marker pen.

Pierce two small holes into the top of the head and thread through a piece of string and hang up your ghost piñata.

Piñata idea from http://abeautifulmess.com


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