Published on December 11th, 2014 | by Sally Wenham

How To Perfectly Wrap A Christmas Present

The 14th of December is National Wrapping Day and Christmas is quickly approaching which can mean only one thing, wrapping Christmas gifts! Here at the Post Office Shop, we appreciate that this is somewhat of a laborious job for some and this is why we have decided to provide some handy hints and tips on how to perfectly wrap presents! We’ve also included a video from the Post Office which we think will help too.

The first tip is to prepare the item that needs to be wrapped correctly. As a starting point, ensure that all price labels have been removed. If any of the items that require wrapping are awkwardly shaped there is an option to place them in a box first which will make them far easier to wrap.

The next problem that people encounter frequently is how much gift wrap is needed for each item. A simple way of assessing this is to place the item on the gift wrap and do a ‘mock wrap’. This will easily show how much gift wrap will be required and then the paper can be marked.

Most gift wrap now has a cutting guide on the back to make sure that it’s cut in straight lines. However, if the paper doesn’t have a cutting guide, an alternative option is to use a ruler. If there are any rough edges on the paper, these can be folded over to provide the clean and straight edge which is needed.

Now here’s where the fun begins, actually wrapping the items! A great way to save time when wrapping gifts is to pre-cut sticky tape into strips which are ready to use. The potential time saving has further been extended thanks to the Scotch pop-up tape dispenser. Not only does it have a hand strap which allows it to be placed around a wrist, it dispenses pre-cut strips of tape too!

The next step is to add some finishing touches to the gifts and make them look extra special. When using a ribbon to add decoration to the item, make sure that there is enough to go around the wrapped gift and also that there is enough excess to tie it. Then, use scissors to curl the ends of the ribbon for that added touch.

When sending fragile items such as bottles or ceramics, secure the items with an outer layer of bubble wrap to provide extra protection for the item. If the gift contains a liquid, place the item inside a plastic mailing bag in case the item unfortunately does break and spill.

If the gift is being mailed to a friend or family member, one of the most important things to remember is that the delivery address and postcode of the recipient must be clearly visible on each item. Write the postal address on an address label and place this on the parcel. Alternatively, the PostPak range of mailing boxes all feature a pre printed section for the delivery address; we even have a Christmas themed box too.

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