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On Your Feet Britain

Too many of us are sat at our desks most of the working day without getting enough exercise according to a recent study published we’ve read here at the Post Office Shop.

A poll of 2,000 office workers has found that 45% of women and 37% of men spend 30 minutes or less on their feet. The survey also found that 66% were significantly less active at work than at home, 38% will email someone sat right next to them and more than 50% regularly eat lunch at their desk.

Does that sound all too familiar? Such sedentary behaviour in the working environment has been linked to heart disease, type 2 diabetes, cancers, musculoskeletal related disorders and poor mental health.

The issue is so pronounced that now the Get Britain Standing group and the British Heart Foundation have teamed up to launch the On Your Feet Britain campaign which aims to raise awareness and stress the need for all of us to move around more than we currently do.

And this Friday is the designated On Your Feet Britain day which is the first-ever national initiative which challenges office workers everywhere to sit less and move more whilst also raising money to fight heart disease.

The campaign urges all of us to take on board the lyrics from James Brown’s ‘Get up offa that thing’ track and ditch some ‘sitting time’ for more ‘standing time’.

So here’s some tips on subtle changes we can all make this week to stay on our feet without compromising productivity at work:

  • Stand during phone calls instead of sitting
  • Take regular breaks from the workstation approximately every 30 minutes
  • Use the stairs instead of the lift wherever possible
  • Have standing or walking meetings instead of sitting
  • Eat lunch away from the desk
  • Talk face to face with colleagues as opposed to phoning or emailing them

Get Up Offa That Thing This Friday!

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