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Office Productivity Hints And Tips

Tomorrow is World Productivity Day and although it might fall on a weekend, we thought we should share some handy hints and tips that can be used in the office environment for next week and beyond.

Adopt the ‘Pomodoro Technique’

Apparently we can only effectively concentrate on any one individual task for around 25 minutes so to avoid all those distractions that are common place in any office environment, break the work required into short, timed intervals (called ‘Pomodoros) that are spaced out by short breaks.

Take regular breaks

Numerous studies have shown that concentration levels are enhanced by taking short breaks throughout the day away from the workstation. It’s also vital to stay hydrated with ample Water supplies, Hot drinks and also have Snacks and sweets to hand to re-fuel as necessary.

Plan ahead

Putting just fifteen minutes aside at the end of the working day to update diaries, calendars and planners in order to prioritise tasks for the day ahead can make all the difference to efficiency at work.

Stay fit and healthy

It is recommended that we should all look to engage in at least 20 minutes of moderate exercise every day to ensure both our energy levels and brains are working to their full potential.

Tidy desk, tidy mind

De-cluttering non essential paper work from letter trays on the workstation and organising documents for easy retrieval will be conducive to a more productive day to day output in the office.

Jazz up the office environment

Adding aesthetically pleasing office decor doesn’t have to be quite as spectacular as the super-hero office makeover but adding a dash of colour or even a plant or two can help people focus by reducing headaches and fatigue.

Switch locations

If feasible, try and work from a different workstation in the office from time to time. Psychologists have claimed that a change of scenery can often do wonders in providing a renewed sense of energy and vitality at work.



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