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Do You Notice Office Supplies Go Missing At Your Work?

If you’re an Office Manager responsible for replenishing all those stationery essentials, take note. It’s official, employees really DO love stationery. Indeed, consistent with the National Stationery Week strapline: ‘I’m a stationery addict’, it appears that some love it so much that they even admit stealing many of those everyday office supplies to use at home instead of at their desks according to a recent survey.

So what are the most commonly pilfered office supplies you might ask? Apparently top of the list is pens which account for 28% of everything that goes missing from the office and end up at home.  It seems employees are twice as likely to take a shining to a pen they use at work to use at home than any other item to meet all their note taking needs outside of work.

The second most likely item of stationery to go walkies from workstations is Post-It Notes. 14% of employees admit that sticky notes in an array of eye-catching colours are what they swipe from work so they can jot down quick reminders and messages at home and stick them to kitchen walls and fridges.

Proving the versatility of fluorescent coloured pens which are perfect for highlighting with ease, highlighters are also high on the list of pilfered office supplies. Highlighter pens account for 8% of what employees admit to stealing from work.

The top ten list of office supplies most likely to find their way from the office to home also include tape, copier paper, staplers, scissors, USB sticks and toilet paper.

So next time there is an office supplies order at work because the stationery cupboard is bare, watch out for employees who claim they need a re-stock of some of these office essentials, it may well be that they actually love their stationery a little too much!

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