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Published on July 5th, 2018 | by Sarah Jubb

The NHS Celebrates 70th Birthday

It’s time to get out the party attire and celebrate because the NHS officially turns 70 years old this week! Launched in 1948 by Aneurin Bevan, the Health Secretary at the time, in Manchester, the NHS has become a staple part of not only UK life, but culture.

Throughout the decades, the National Health Service, or NHS, has been at the forefront of health and has continually delivered medical advancements. Thanks to the nationalised healthcare, the UK has experienced huge improvements to public health that involve practically eradicating diseases such as diphtheria and polio.

The British public holds the NHS very close to their hearts as well and it is often associated with the UK. It even featured in the opening ceremony for the 2012 London Olympics. A poll in 2013 saw the NHS described as the number one thing that made people proud to be British and a recent survey found that Briton’s felt the creation of the NHS was more important than anything else Britain has done.


Pushing For A Healthier Britain

While the NHS is perhaps more associated with being reactive, meaning that they often respond to medical problems such as broken arms, cancer and more, they are also actively involved in being pro-active with British health. This is in the forms of various schemes that the NHS promotes to try and encourage healthier living with the British population.

The Change4Life programme began in 2009 by the Department of Health and aims to try and tackle obesity. It is aimed at both families and middle-aged adults, encouraging them to try and make small yet sustainable changes to their lifestyle to have a healthier life. This is reflected in the motto “eat well, move more, live longer”.

Along with this is the Couch to 5K programme, which has the clear aim of encouraging people to go from no exercise to being able to complete a 5k run without stopping. It has been designed specifically for beginners to ensure that it is both doable and fun. As part of this programme, there is an app that has been created that features various trainers from the Olympian Michael Johnson to BBC presenter Jo Whiley who tell people when to run and when to walk.

The Future For The NHS

As the NHS celebrates its 70th anniversary on 5th July 2018, it is obviously looking forward into the future. Healthcare is a world that is ever changing, with new diseases appearing and new medical issues that must be considered. With an ageing population, the NHS will have to adapt even further to accommodate this.

To do this, it is likely that the NHS will consider both integrating and investing into new medicines, digital technologies and genetic research to try and improve the lives of British people. Throughout the lifespan of the NHS, it has had to constantly evolve itself to accommodate the changing demands of the population, and we have no doubt that the NHS will continue to do so in the future!

Did You Know?

The NHS is the fifth larger employer in the world, ranking only behind McDonalds, Walmart, the US Department of Defense and China’s People’s Liberation Army. It employs 1.7 million workers across all four countries in the United Kingdom.

We look forward to the 100th birthday of the NHS!!

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